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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic 3221 - 3230

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic 3221

Force of Hobbits: 13 Years Of YAFGC And 1154 Years Of Naomi


Персонажи: Charla Firelight, Feddick DeKyle, General Yipgar, Mighty Naomi, Naomi Phoenix, Perendelee "Roberta" Harper, The Fox
Местность: DeKyle Conservatory of Meditational Solace

Happy Anniversary YAFGC!
If you click the ‘first' button the nav-bar you'll see that strip 0001 is dated “May 28 2006” but that is because at some point when I was putting up the archives on this site (after we left the old site) I must have made a dating error somewhere. Correcting it would mean /another/ few weeks of clicking through 3222 strips checking and fixing the dates until I found where the problem is but y'know what? I don't care right now. The REAL date of the first strip was “May 29 2006” and you'll just have to take my word for it.

13 glorious years!
Thank you all for reading.

Force of Hobbits: Charla Backs Out


Персонажи: Charla Firelight, Feddick DeKyle, Naomi Phoenix, Perendelee "Roberta" Harper
Местность: DeKyle Conservatory of Meditational Solace

Yup. I'm open for commissions.

$15 for a pencil drawing.
$20 for an inked drawing.
$40 for a coloured drawing.

What I WILL do:
Drawings of any of my own characters from YAFGC, House of Paulus or anything else from the Comix Blog
Fandom characters: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Disney, Arthur, video games, whatever -show me reference and I'll draw it.
Original characters: D&D, fanfiction, your literary creations, etc.
Caricatures/portraits of you or your friends in whatever situations.

A SHORT comic idea. 1-4 panel strips ($30.00 -that's more than one drawing there.) a full 8 panel page ($60.00) anything between is negotiable.
Illustrations for a story. (Drawings charged separately)
Sexy situations are okay, I'll do some nudity.

*What I WILL NOT do.*
Sexist or racist stuff.
Hard core, explicit sex scenes.
Overly politically charged material.

I will not draw out your 500 page graphic novel epic story idea. I've always got a few of my own on the go and the muse is a fickle beast.

Anything else, including pricing, is negotiable depending on amount of work needed or the content.
Shoot me a note!

Force of Hobbits: Suspecious Spouse


Персонажи: Alys Leddinstone, Naomi Phoenix
Местность: Silverydale Halfling Village

Here's a final commission I completed this morning:
Zac and Levena of YAFGC for Zac & Levena of REAL LIFE!
Thank you guys!

Sketch $15.00 per character
Inked (as above) $20.00 per character
Inked & Coloured $40.00 per character

Prices and content otherwise negotiable.

Force of Hobbits: Waiting Up For Mother


Персонажи: Charla Firelight, Urzal Firelight
Местность: Firelight Academy of Music

A few things:

1: Sorry for the delay. I got busy this weekend and didnt' get around to putting this strip up on Friday, sorry about that. Hope all you fathers had a great Father's Day! I sure did! We made a weekend out of it where I got treated like a king on Saturday and ran a D&D session on Sunday! AWWWESOME!!!

2: Yeah, I realize Urzal looks gigantic in this panel. She's just supposed to be on the other side of a small hill. It looked great until I put the academy building in the background and didn't realize it until it was posted and too late to change it. So, she's not some amazing shape-shifting giant half-orc, she's just a victim of forced perspective.

3: It's “Genosha Sequence” update day on Rich's Comix Blog! the Stargate SG1/Young Avengers AU mashup story written by Ardatli! Go check it out!

Force of Hobbits: A Volume Issue


Персонажи: Charla Firelight, Urzal Firelight
Местность: Firelight Academy of Music

Fun with Cosplayers:

The real Levena & Zac dressed as Cadugan & Lucas, standing with the REAL Cadugan & Lucas.

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