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ZomCom 0111 - 0120
ZomCom 0111

Tug of Warter

Well now shes even dirtier! Theres only one logical move left..! - video ad people: This program is still beta, so we will work the kinks out together! If youre having trouble with the ads working, they only work on the app so far and you have to update to the latest version! If it still dosent work it could be your internet </3 Thank you again for reading guys, I really love you ;O;

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ZomCom 0112

Muddy Waters

That fleeting moment when all is clea- Wait what did she do with the water element!?

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ZomCom 0113



// Idea was from donut bites in my patreon discord! Thanks!

P.S Thank you everyone doing the video rewards program and thank you later audiences for your patience!! <3 You guys are legit the best fanbase x

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ZomCom 0114

Shooting Star

MAYDAYMAYDAY!! Shout out to donut bites for the idea! 2 in a row wow Thanks everyone for your patience. For everyone who reads AXED aswell I just want to say thank you for all your lovely words~!

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ZomCom 0115

Online Friends

I love it when I get a message from my online buds! Sending you good vibes and happy times (wherever you can take them!)

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ZomCom 0116

How to pay your Dragon

Ask me about Zomcom or Axed (limited answers!) or about myself! IM A SOMEWHAT OPEN BOOK! Thank you again for all your supports and see you next ep!

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ZomCom 0117


Send in those comments i'll whip up the next ep before you know it

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ZomCom 0118


My first comic was about kids trying to find a dragon who could revive their dead friend but their dead friend was now a villain dun dun dun! Also Yes I do realise the genderbend zomcom gang have Hamilton names and yes I LOVE HAMILTON more FAQs in the future! (if you want them, do you still want them?)

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ZomCom 0119

Wave Hello

I was originally going to call this Whale hello there but i thought it would be too much of a spoiler lmao Also happy anniversary Webtoon!

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ZomCom 0120
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