Dinosaur Comics 3601 - 3610
Dinosaur Comics 3601

The ancient romans never rose to the heights of having a temple-robber being turned into a giant ice cube by being breathed on by a vengeful jupiter, and none among us, possessed of an honest heart, can argue this

Dinosaur Comics 3602

If you got spanked by the universe you would never live that down. everyone would know you got spanked by the universe. like i'm sorry you got spanked but there's no way everyone wouldn't know

Dinosaur Comics 3603

SIX-YEAR-OLDS AND MATHEMATICIANS: two groups who think it's very important to measure their ages to the nearest half year

Dinosaur Comics 3604

There's nothing in the rulebook that says we CAN'T live forever, right? oh, there's no rulebook? well in that case even better

Dinosaur Comics 3605

Ask your parents if they ever insulted you when you were a baby and they will tell you that they never once did, or they will tell you the truth

Dinosaur Comics 3606

Later, shakespeare writes in a role for an actual cannon in henry viii which then burns down the theatre. this is not a metaphor

Dinosaur Comics 3607
Dinosaur Comics 3608
Dinosaur Comics 3609

I KNEW i was forgetting something! the other day, when we were leaving the house, didn't i say i was forgetting something? I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING *SOMETHING*

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