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Dinosaur Comics 3591 - 3600
Dinosaur Comics 3591

Hello, yes, I believe it is inarguable that you'll remember data and riker's cheeky bottoms more than you'll remember alice and bob and dick and jane

Dinosaur Comics 3592

Oh well, at least I've got the fact that the great wall of china is the only human-made object visible from space to console me, along with the fact that «golf» was originally an acronym that stood for «gentlemen only; ladies forbidden». in other news i am NOT currently taking feedback on these opinions

Dinosaur Comics 3593


Dinosaur Comics 3594

Pride's Log, Prejudice Date: Regency era, circa 1813. The crew and I have been sent on a mission to meet with the proprietor of Pemberley, Mr. Darcy's himself, whom past missions have described as both haughty and aloof. The crew and I expect little from him, and CERTAINLY do not expect to fall in love.

Dinosaur Comics 3595

Honestly big into this idea of fem!Lore trying to prevent temporalKirk and temporalPicard from solving this warp field equation in 2^n-1 turns. can't stop thinking about computationally-efficient solutions to this problem.

Dinosaur Comics 3596

In some cases the victims are swept out to sea, and their bodies are never found. this of course precludes an autopsy. how convenient

Dinosaur Comics 3597

Okay so i'm not the only one who can't stop thinking about buridan's ass

Dinosaur Comics 3598

I can come up with a credible argument for both «obviously 18 is the 18th number we discovered» AND «what kind of complete idiot would think for even a second that 18 is the 18th number we discovered». something to save for a rainy day i suppose

Dinosaur Comics 3599

There's decades in Shakespeare's life that we can't account for. therefore, there's nothing in the historical record that says his pantaloons weren't mad nasty. it is, i submit, a very simple application of Air Bud rules

Dinosaur Comics 3600

Staring at my face in the mirror, noticing how strong i look, repeating «snakes would NEVER get SAD just because they haven't seen ANY FRIEND'S FACES for a mere SEVERAL MONTHS STRAIGHT» over and over and over

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