Nerf Now!! 1401 - 1410
Nerf Now!! 1402

The new models looks great, it really shows how low poly the old models were, but why are the new gnomes so angry and tired?

Its almost like Blizzard got fed up with the whole «gnomes are a joke race» thing and decided to make than all serious and angry.

Or maybe the poor gnomes got one punt too much…

Anyway, I don't like the new models and may even change mine to another race.

2/10 would not roleplay.

Nerf Now!! 1404

We used to craft poison who lasted 30 minutes and it had CHARGE and disappeared when you got inside a dungeon.

You kids have it easy.

Now get out of my lawn.

Nerf Now!! 1405

Here is a relevant link for today's comic.

Here is the tl;dr: A game dev threatens to kill Valve boss, has his game removed from Steam.

Did Gabe did the right action there? I guess a better question would be «what would YOU do if someone did the same to you?»

Even if the threat is empty, is that the kind of person you want to make business with? Worse, if Valve listened to his complain after the threat it may give the message this is the way to talk to Valve about anything. Someone hacked my account and stole my hats? Better fix it or else…

The whole online death threats is a bizarre thing. I don't expect most of them to be actual threats BUT the gesture itself is offensive and intimidating.

In the end, I'd probably would done the same.

And deleted his hats too.

Nerf Now!! 1406

I don't see me getting more than 5 consecutive victories no matter how hard I try. If I pick a «tryhard» hero and «play to win» it's still a coin toss if I'll win or not.

Some people can pick a hero, choose a lane and decide the fate of the game.

I'm not one of those.

Nerf Now!! 1407

I don't get why the South America faction has 10% melee bonus in combat.

Actually, why are people in the future still fighting in melee?

Nerf Now!! 1409

Poor Annie, how she will keep people attention without a healthy dose of fanservice? Playing Hunter on Hearthstone can only carry you so far…

Nerf Now!! 1410

More than how many bots Hearthstone have, the fact bots are so prevalent AND succesful is kinda of a bummer. It hints the game may just be just too simple, to a point a sequence of scripts can easily win a match.

But perhaps, when the expansion hits and the number of cards get higher, it will get harder and harder for bots to adapt.

Until them, put some area of effect spells on your deck.

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