Nerf Now!! 1331 - 1340
Nerf Now!! 1331

The International games comes usually in batches of 4, with 8 teams fighting each other in «bests of one».

So even if you are watching 1/4 of the games available, you are still going to watch more than 7 games in a row if you want to see all which is happening in that day, and there is more tomorrow.

Of course, like the olympics, nobody expect you to see it ALL but damn if people won't try.

Personally I'm just doing a mix of following the teams I really like and checking the games people say are a must watch after the match is done.

Tomorrow matches will be even better since lots of teams will be on the chopping block which will make for some tense games and some big names may end up going home early.

It's a good day to be a Dota fan.

Nerf Now!! 1332
Nerf Now!! 1333

Lots of big names already eliminated on EVO, but with 2000 participants someone needs to go home early. I always try to watch Daigo vs Justin Wong, it's my personal classic.

Meanwhile in DOTA, it's all in the air of who gonna not make the cut, with Alliance doing their best Spain impersonation, but they'll have a last chance today.

Believe in the heart of the r[A]t!

Nerf Now!! 1334

EVO finals were exciting and the meta is fresh. I think it's the 1st time a Rose player won EVO, and first time Europe (France) took it too so there was lots of hype going.

Personally I was cheering for Snake Eyez, but Luffy winning was not bad. Anything but Rufus.

Nerf Now!! 1335

It's just natural to let live cameras whenever you go.

The accidental upload part, whoever, is a lot of bad luck..

p.s. And for those who missed it, I uploaded Jane vs Ashley pic (from Blasternation kickstarter).

Nerf Now!! 1336

Мне тут не место, это временно.

Команды приберегают меня для финала, не хотят раскрывать свои стратегии.

Я тут настоящий керри! Фарм илюзиями реально ведь моя фишка! Я ее ИЗОБРЕЛ!

Фантом, дорогой, может маны налить?

Комната героев которых берут только в пабке.


How the might have fallen. Naga Siren took Phantom Lancer role and since they kinda fill the same role (late game illusion carry) the teams decided Naga is superior and ignored Phantom Lancer totally since them.

But be it Naga or Phantom Lancer, you can expect a quality 60 minute farm fest if the enemy team don't do a fast push and finish it before they get minimally farmed.

Nerf Now!! 1337

I feel leet today is like your dad trying to say some slangs to look cool, it just doesn't work.

After leet we had lolcats, doge and hashtags. Internet lingo just move too fast.

Still, XxX_SSJ5_S3p1r0th_XxX will always be a classic.

Nerf Now!! 1338

If you want a fair game to have fun, Dota isnt for you. You not only lose, but you may lose hard and slowly.

At least a Demoman spawm camping you will last for 10 minutes max before the match ends.

Nerf Now!! 1339

Early comic, because I wanted it up beforeThe International 4 finals.

Vici Gaming was not my 1st pick on the Internationla, but their gameplay was the one I enjoyed more. They deathball push punish greed line-ups and it force team fights.

Still, both Vici Gaming and Newbee (the finalists) are new kids on the block. Sure, many players are famous veterans of the scene but the team itself is new.

I guess even by chinese standards, they are not fan favorites so this final is «kinda» underwhelming. DK has lots of fans on the west and IG were the previous champions but I may be wrong since I don't know the chinese scene. This is, by the way, the biggest problem here, most of eastern don't know the chinese players and a china vs china final end up with no clear favorite.

Still, as long as they don't rat, I'll cheer for any team. So go Vici Gaming!

Nerf Now!! 1340

The International as an overall event was very nice, but the grand finals was just… not. Both teams gg out after they lost the advantage with seemingly little will to fight to the bitter end, and Vici Gaming just tried the same strategy over and over, failing soundly every time.

One could say VG strategy was an all-or-nothing gamble, but it was a gamble which did not pay and the result were some poor matches. Vici either lacked the skill to draft a better strategy, or the grit to fight on an uphill match. Either way, given how fast they GG out I don't see me cheering for them ever again.

On my mind, I prefer to imagine those matches never happened.

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