Nerf Now!! 1501 - 1510

Nerf Now!! 1501

Some heroes in Dota really benefit from having some extra color throw in their design for some contrast like Abbadon, Terrorblade, Phantom Assassin and Specter. Hell, Id buy a Arcana just to make Specter not look like a purple haze.

Sorry for the late updates, cat plus power failure make for a nasty combo.

I still need to find a name for them…

When I buy cosmetics, I try to make characters I don't like less ugly (like Sand King) instead of pimping the ones I like (like Nyx)

Perhaps one day I'll make a series of strips just about the whole cosmetic thing.

I go out of the room and see the cats lying on the ground, not moving, something is amiss there…

I go to the kitchen door open and the cats not only managed to sneak by, but they found and tore open the cat food bag.

The stillness of the cats were a mix of guilty and post-gorging stupor.

Well played cats, well played, I have only myself to blame.

But we live, and we learn, the kitchen will remain closed and keyed now.

Your move.

Usually, I'm not one to strongly want the new shiny gadget, specially the 1st generation of one, but damn, I may bite the bullet and import one VR set when it's available.

The only way I won't get one is if the reviews are super bad or they end up costing something like 2k USD here.

Oh boy, my fanboy is showing…

When I heard about the Oculus Rift, we were fresh from the launch of Kinect, which did very little in terms of pushing gaming foward unless you really like dancing games.

I'm not an early adopter, usually you get a unrefined and overpriced piece of technology which will either be a piece of crap OR be replaced by a new, better version months later but hell if I don't want to be the first on line for the Vive.

I believe doing the VR jump will demand lots of expertise. There is both the technological aspect to make a fine piece of hardware but you also need to make good games to run on it, and both those things cost money.

Theorically, companies like Microsoft or even Facebook could use their money to buy the experts but pick Microsfot as an example, they don't want Kinect to be a gaming plataform but a fancy multimedia gadget which sits under your TV and do all TV-related things, not only games. This lack of focus made the Kinect end up as a glorified remote with no relevant game.

I expect Facebook to follow the same suit, making the Oculus some kinda of multi-purpose VR unit for gaming, TV and whatever, which is fine, but I don't expect a game-changing… game… to come out of it.

What I expect of the Oculus is a bunch of tech demos which may one day turn into a good game… eventually. But they will trip over their own feet trying to be too many things at once.

Now Valve, they don't play around. They have the skill, the focus, the money and the lack of a board of executives demanding stuff and making cuts.

My virtual body is ready.

While it looks like I'm nowhere close to playing Overwatch, we got the teaser of 2 new heroes.

The first time I've heard about Zarya, the description of «bodybuilder woman with pink mohawk» turned me off, until I actually saw the model/

It actually not that bad.

Maybe if she was a traditional hottie with slim waist I would like it better, but it's hard to know without seeing it, and given there is no shortage of this kind of girl Zarya win points just for being different. In comparision, I always forget about the flying medic girl exist.

However, I've seen some people point she is the «stereotypical russian butch girl» and I like to point Overwatch have no shame in picking tried-and-true formulas. The asian archer and the cowboy are as cookie-cutter as it gets so I don't get why the problem with Zarya.

There is the problem of sometimes trying too hard to be an unique and special snowflake and making your character an Aztec Vampire 2-headed Cat just to be different.

People would say she is a female Heavy Weapon Guy anyway, may as well roll with the punches and don't even try to hide the obvious TF2 influence.

I been enjoying Bioshock Infinte in a way I did not enjoy Bioshock.

To start, I find Columbia far more intriguiing and beautiful than Rapture. The gunplay is also better so I don't need to kill everything with melee plus shock plasmid.

And Elizabeth is a more endearing companion than the freaky little sisters.

And honestly, all companions should be able to give you free money from time to time.

Now, moving to the strip… part of me think maybe, just maybe, that puzzle was harder back them, maybe you had to open your inventory and check for the note, but I suspect lots of people got stuck there and the developers said «fuck it, make it as simple as possible» so they made the whole «remember the note» sequence.

But I'm nitpicking. The game is good, though I feel I'm enjoying the exploration and story more than the actual «shooter» part. Not the shooting part is bad, but I much prefer the plot and world this time.

I could tag this comic «Sim City» but I fear I won't be using the tag much in the future, or at least, not in a good way.

May as well tag it «Electronic Arts» because I'm sure they will be around for a while, doing EA things, for the despair of all of us.

Some people seen almost offended I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite more than Bioshock.

Truth be told I didn't like Bioshock.. at al. To a point this prevented me to play Infinite for a long time because «ugh, Bioshock? No thanks».

I guess how low I set the standard for Infinite helped me enjoy it. I easily overlook the game's fault like only carrying 2 weapons and a confusing plot and focus on the stuff I enjoy, like the visuals and the dickness of the many antagonists.

I will not hold a flag defending Infinite as the new standard for shooter, but I enjoyed it and for me, this is enough.

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