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Nerf Now!! 2699

Let me go straight to the point and say it to you guys: Don't make my mistake and buy Dell shit.

Here are the juicy details: This is my 2nd Dell machine. The 1st run fine and honestly, it still works but it's 5 years old. Time for upgrades, right? The 2nd machine was supposed to be the successor of the 1st one. Same tier, same price tag. Basically, the 2019 version of my 2014 machine. From outside the box, I noticed something was odd… the machine was not faster than my old one and it all went downhill from there. Since I use the same apps it's not hard for me to see the machine performance was subpar and here is the crux of the issue: UNLESS THE MACHINE IS STRAIGHT UP NOT WORKING THEY'LL NOT FIX IT. They'll spin you with remote assistance, phone calls, emails, etc, etc but the result is you'll be stuck with a piece of crap unless the piece of crap turns into a brick and then, and just then, they'll send someone to repair it.

Imagine having a car who you can only drive at 10 miles per hour, that's pretty much what I have but HEY… it moves, right?

Well, outside suing than for not providing assistance I decided I'll just do what I should have done ages ago and learn how to build and repair a machine myself, starting by using my old one has a guinea pig.

And talking about suing, I'm going to use this space to tell all the tortuous process I'm facing with this machine because I can and it's truth. I don't expect them to do anything but I want to warn other consumers about how juicy is «The Dell Experience».

p.s. The pic on the 1st panel is Yoko and I posted it on my Patreon. Pay it a visit, especially now I may need some extra money to fix the crap Dell did. :/

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