Sandra and Woo 1091 - 1100
Sandra and Woo 1091

Zoey's Got The Solution

In the comment section, we also discuss the new mixtape (aka trailer) for Final Fantasy VII Remake dropped by SquareEnix on YouTube.

There is also a longer gameplay trailer that explains the combat system in detail.

Sandra and Woo 1092


LockPickingLawyer at YouTube.

So, what do you think the next story arc is about regarding that it caused such a reaction in Woo?

Sandra and Woo 1093

Die Flut (The Flood)

This is the little piece of #&@% who is responsible for the destruction of Nuremberg:

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Why not take the opportunity and listen to one of the best German songs, that has the same title: Die Flut by Joachim Witt and Peter Heppner.

Sandra and Woo 1094

Tribal Wars

I failed to translate the great insults by the two soccer fans of the German version into English. They would be incomprehensible for anyone without knowledge of the Dortmund – Schalke rivalry and are also based on wordplays. I used more generic phrases instead, but they're just not as funny… If you have some good ideas, I'm all ears.

Sandra and Woo 1096

Incident At McDonalds Restaurant

“German revolutionaries occupy a station only after buying a platform ticket.” – German saying based on a similar statement by Stalin.

This strip is also a tribute to the last page of the Donald Duck's story “Incident at McDuck Tower” by Don Rosa, one of the best comic pages of all time.

I posted my report about my visit of the Comic Con 2019 in Stuttgart:

Sandra and Woo: My visit of the Comic Con Stuttgart 2019

Sandra and Woo 1098

Rightful German Clay

For once, Google stands on the right side of history:

Google: Alsace-Lorraine is rightful German clay

Sandra and Woo 1099

Victim Blaming

You can tell that this story is happening in a fantasy world by the fact that Germans are still good in football in it. 🙁

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