Sandra and Woo 0651 - 0660
Sandra and Woo 0651

Гордость и предубеждения


Если ты не против, отец хотел повидать тебя перед уходом.


Сандра, спасибо за помощь Луне.

Не за что, мистер Эррера.

Нравится, да?

У тебя часто бывают проблемы, когда твой енот по соседским мусорным бакам лазает?


Sandra and Woo 0652

Топорная сцена


…Luna then told me that most of their financial assistance goes on their rent.

I've been thinking of giving her my next allowance…

У меня есть идея получше.

Сначала я приглашу её в {шёпот}, затем мы {шёпот} {шёпот}

Зачем ты шепчешь? Я ничего не поняла.

[!5.0] *ХРЯСЬ*

Sandra and Woo 0653



[!1.2]Этого никогда не будет.

[!1.1]Ты не веришь в добро среди людей?


[!1.2]Я тоже. Однако я верю в убедительность…


[!1.2]Где ты достала огнемёт?

[!1.2]В Интернете.

Sandra and Woo 0654

Workshop Invitation


Luna, on Saturday I'll be holding my annual workshop on the topic “Fire – Theory and Practice.” Are you in?


Excellent! Here's the preliminary program. It goes from 8am to 8pm, with a half-hour lunch break.

Flintstones, torches and matches will be provided. But you can also bring your own material.

Please be on time. We got lots to do!


Just accept your fate. I have to go too. “To brush up on my knowledge.”

Sandra and Woo 0655

Firearms Expert


[!1.2]Before we begin I'd like to check your prior knowledge.

[!1.2]Which goddess was honored by the lighting of the Olympic flame at the ancient Olympic Games?

[!1.2]Hmm… Athena?

[!1.2]What's the color of the flame when burning Cadmium?

[!1.2]Maybe… green?

[!1.2]Name a fictional character with special fire powers.

[!1.2]Uhh… Gandalf?

[!1.2]You're attacked by a genetically mutated Stalin cyborg. What's your weapon of choice?

[!1.2]A rocket-propelled Molotov cocktail launcher?



[!1.2]I'm pleased to inform you that one of the world's finest firearms experts is attending our workshop this year.

Sandra and Woo 0656

Flaming Hot


Flame color depends on several factors such as black-body radiation and spectral band emission.

In the most common type of flame, hydrocarbon flames, the most important factor is oxygen supply. It also determines the rate of combustion.

Now let's have a look at the different flame types of a Bunsen burner.

I'd take notes if I were you. The final exam on the next day is always super tough.

Flame Color

Sandra and Woo 0657

Challenging Task


Luna, did you put this glass of water next to the objects that I was going to set on fire for a demonstration?

Oh, sorry, I didn't–

Challenge accepted!

Sandra and Woo 0658



[!1.2]Пошли костерок запалим!

[!1.2]Откуда ты достала такую кучу дров?

[!1.2]От «спонсора»

[!1.2]Огнебоязнь у жителей твоего города достигла национального рекорда.

[!1.2]Я не понимаю людей.

[!1.1]Страхователь от пожаров

M&A – по всей видимости, страховая группа Mitchell & Abbott

Sandra and Woo 0659

Relationship Troubles


Landon, I find it hard to put into words how much you've hurt me with your behavior.

I'm sorry, Larisa, please…

I thought you were my soulmate, the love of my life. Apparently, I was wrong…

I can change, I swear!

Maybe I'll be able to forgive you one day, Landon. But first, I need some time alone.

Larisa, you know that I love you…

Shortly before.

Now let's have a look at various–

Aquarius?! He's my favorite superhero!

Sandra and Woo 0660

Catching Fire


[!1.4]Это всё была теория. Приступим к первой практике.

[!1.4]Надеюсь, все помнят мою лекцию об освоении огня.

[!1.4]Не забывайте давить вниз.



[!1.4]Было нетрудно. Что дальше?

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