Sandra and Woo 0641 - 0650
Sandra and Woo 0641

Roundabout III


Mrs. Williams, what are you doing there?

I'm removing the child safety brakes from this roundabout.

I'm pretty sure this is illegal.

No taxation without acceleration!

Sandra and Woo 0642

Roundabout IV

Бонус Sandra and Woo 0642a


I'm afraid I have to file a report for the destruction of state property.

I'm afraid I'll have to remind you of where you were on August 1, 2014.

…And, more importantly, what you were wearing.

Your super-sexy cutie mark ignites my heart just like a spark.

BronyCon – Room party


Ooooh… Dashie!

All you have is circumstantial evidence!

If the hooves fit, the jury won't acquit!

Sandra and Woo 0643



К сожалению, моему папе пришлось уничтожить картины после того, как они осознали себя и начали посылать войска на Ближний Восток.

Должно быть, он знал, что так будет.

Ссылки на отдельные изображения: орёл и медведь

Sandra and Woo 0644

Самый опасный хищник


Привет, Луна!

Привет, Зоя!

Как ты интересно выглядишь в свитере и юбке

Эм… С-спасибо

А разве ты в понедельник не одевала то же самое?

Девочки-подростки. Единственный известный нам вид, особи которого всегда мучают жертву до того, как съесть её.

И 17-го, и 15-го, и 11-го…

Sandra and Woo 0645



Luna, you asked quite a few very weird questions in math today again.


Should I come over after school to help you study?

That would be very kind. Thank you.

No problem. We all will get something out of it after all.

How so?

The screams of terror of our old math teacher when you factorized 49x² – 28 + 4 on the blackboard still haunt me every night.

The doctor said he may eventually be able to look at numbers again without getting flashbacks.

Sandra and Woo 0646

Classification Of Species


Луна очень застенчивая, прошу – держись в стороне.

Привет, Сандра.

Привет, Луна. Это мой енот Ву.

Он очень милый.

Можеь погладить – он это любит.

Еноты это примитивные собаки вроде?


Sandra and Woo 0647

Playing Games


That was the last exercise.

Not bad. You've factorized twenty terms and I only had one nervous breakdown.

Would you like to play some cards before returning home?

Oh, I'd love to play a game…

…as long as it isn't “I spy with my little eye…”

Sandra and Woo 0648



You're really good. Do you play often?

Yes, with dad.

You got something to eat? I'm starving.

We've got bread and jelly. But I doubt you'll like our brand of jelly.

I'm not a picky eater.


I Can Believe It's Not Jelly!

How much are you getting paid for eating this stuff?

$2.95 за банку.

Sandra and Woo 0649

Straight Outta Camden


I don't want to be rude, but: Where's all your furniture?

We had to leave everything behind when we had to leave our old apartment in Camden in a hurry.

Camden, New Jersey!!

Yes, we lived there for six years.

I've heard murder is now officially recognized as a natural cause of death in Camden.

Oh, it wasn't that bad actually.

Except for that one time when a crackhead broke into our apartment, stole our money, and killed mom… which made dad fall into a deep depression.


Sandra and Woo 0650

White Brotherhood


We had to flee when the Red Devils lost control of our street to the White Brotherhood.

The White Brotherhood? There's a group of neo-Nazis in Camden??

No, it's a “regular” gang.

And they call themselves White Brotherhood??

Many myths and legends surround their name…

Stop defiling my superior mayo with your impure ketchup, degenerate punk!


I don't know about you, but I *love* this strip. Powree drew the last panel just as I envisioned it in my head.

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