Sandra and Woo 0655

Firearms Expert


[!1.2]Before we begin I'd like to check your prior knowledge.

[!1.2]Which goddess was honored by the lighting of the Olympic flame at the ancient Olympic Games?

[!1.2]Hmm… Athena?

[!1.2]What's the color of the flame when burning Cadmium?

[!1.2]Maybe… green?

[!1.2]Name a fictional character with special fire powers.

[!1.2]Uhh… Gandalf?

[!1.2]You're attacked by a genetically mutated Stalin cyborg. What's your weapon of choice?

[!1.2]A rocket-propelled Molotov cocktail launcher?



[!1.2]I'm pleased to inform you that one of the world's finest firearms experts is attending our workshop this year.

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