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Furry Guys 0021 - 0030

Furry Guys 0021




Безопасность Кх Kx! I categorically do not digest this moron. Don't wind. Dallas though nervous at times, but he knows his own business. If his *business“ is to destroy the department and take it without mental protection, then yes, he is straight master… Do not grumble like an old fogy! Do not hang your nose ahead of time! Maybe we can persuade Mr. Allem to stay! HONORABLE WORKERS Iris Morgan Diane Rose Diamond Ashley Nei Jack Ko It would be nice… m

* A bit of until imperceptible spoilers on other characters…

[!1.4]It's gonna be o…
[!1.7]Mister Allem!
[!1.7]Mister Allem, wait!




Hey, Houston! What are you sitting on? Glad to see you too, Dallas. What you want? Is this Mr. Allem rushed back to work? Or did you squander the last exorcist? We usually have mockery on thursday. Go to do your work, scribbler with ears.

* Напоминаю, что описание персонажа имеется в списке.

* Recall, that description of individual there is in the list.



But if seriously, Wind? Will we so easy remained without mentalist? I know, Houston! But Allem did not listen me tho', and to find new exorcist is very difficult now. Notedly after incident with SCW. In short, I will submit an application to the regional office, but I can't help you with anything else. Wait and pray that they will send someone to us.

В данной вселенной есть ММЭ - Межгосударственное Министерство Экзорцизма - часть системы, которая отвечат за сохранность, собственно, благосостояния мирных граждан. *ПКТ - Паук КруглоТкацкий.

In this universe there is MME-the Interstate Ministry of Exorcism-part of the system, which is responsible for the safety, in fact, the welfare of civilians. *PKT - Spider circular loom.



Mister Allem, but you can't just take and leave us! Oh, really? Deasel, I have no more strength, patience and health for this fucking enterprise. I'm retiring. And you fuck yourself with your toys! Lo… A? Hold the shiny to memory. Lucky to stay!



Dan! Top Top Top Top Well, how? Talked with Allem? Like that… We haven't more exorcist else. Grief… Find a new - what to do? You sound as if it's easy! Do not be so pessimistic! So, look that i have! The pretty shiny by him! Fu! Throw it away! Make me! Do you know from what vile infected jaws this tooth is!? Demons, by the way, have teeth not only in their mouths! Damn you, Dan!



Do not make me imagine such crap, and even before dinner! Hehe No, figure it - such anus with soo-such teeth! Well it's cool! Bitch The enemy wouldn't pass! Not through one place! And if it was a demon-bitch… Heck, Dan! Ahahahahaaa! Remind me why am I your friend? Because I'm super-duper! Fuck you

Furry Guys - Michael Ness



Funny tooth! Funny tooth! Fuck off moron! What are you both doing here? Oops!

Furry Guys - Types of demons



But we just… Mr. Ness, have you already heard that Allem is resigning? Seriously? Wow. But I thought that someone else, but he would stay longer. Em, Mister Ness… What? Maybe you… Will help with the search for a new exorcist? But the UR-department is for beauty? Hey! But you have so many friends in different instances… Heh, it is. Let's get a look.

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