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Furry Guys 0038

Furry Guys - Underbed monsters



And then, when the production was established, and one could go to the shop without the risk of being eaten - John Arlem returned to his main job as an exit demonologist. By that time, Diamond had already recruited a whole staff of assistants - so we begun to have the sixth department. And didn't Bonecrusher return here since then? As far as I remember - no. Too bad… Okay, I'm still full of cases - but I'm talking with you here! Yeah… You will have a new exorcist! Wait a week! THE FIRST CHAPTER ENDING

Итааак, небольшой итог:
Это конец первой главы, но далеко не конец истории FG! Оставайтесь с нами, будет особенная, технологическая магия ;)

Itaac, a small result:
This is the end of the first Chapter, but not the end of the story, FG! Stay tuned, there will be special, technological magic ;)

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