Furry Guys 0001 - 0010

Furry Guys 0001

Cover, 1 chapter



[!2.8]Seasoned with mysticism

[!3.6]Do you want some engineering magic?


Hello, dears! I represent to your attention comic about here such guys - a Ursi (this is self these “fuzzies”). Comic for me is not the first, but the first in the publication.
The idea of a world inhabited by entities and exorcists smoldered for a long time and now found its embodiment in such a universe

Please be patient in the process of reading, as the universe of the comic is huge, the events in it will happen a lot and all, and no prior history it will be difficult to understand all the intricacies. I am not a supporter of issuing a bunch of information sheets, which few people are able to read thoughtfully and especially remember, so everything will be explained in the process.
And yes, we will improve the painting, do not judge strictly two self-taught

Happy browsing!

We have a VK group (all kinds of additional materials, past votes and other nices), Ask, and even WikiFur. Drop by a visit!

Issue 1-1


– What is the difference between mechanical engineers and construction engineers?
– Mechanical engineers create weapons and construction engineers create targets for shooting.

Issue 1-2




[!1.7]Design office,
Houston speaking.

[!1.5]Houston, we have a problem!

[!1.7]Dan, it got old the last fifteen times, you know.

[!1.7]Heh, not to me! But seriously – the trouble is real. Come down to the assembly room.

[!1.7]Wha, right now?

[!1.7]This instant, Alex!

[!1.7]I've enough work as it is!

[!1.7]…And if you don't tear your shaggy ass off the chair, you'll get more work later!!!

…Houston, now you're going to ff…reeze!…

Not the most favorite phrase for any engineer-technical worker – “Come down to works…”

Issue 1-3


[!1.7]Lin, I'm going to the 220th works. Don't lose me…


[!1.7]I'm Alex Houston, a leading design engineer.

[!1.7]I work at RIMME, the Research Institute of Missile-Mystical Equipment.

Flying hwargs!

* Watch out, a gas snakes!

The factory is engaged in the production of details and knots from various materials (metals and composites) for civil, military, and space equipment.

Issue 1-4


[!1.7]Our production is large and has the most advanced equipment. We are the part of a huge corporation that takes control over the entity of the mental nature.

[!1.7]It's hard to work here and at times dangerous, but it's considered prestigious. RIMME steadily holds the first place in the rating of accidents at work – so, despite everything, here exists a staff turnover…

…And electric snakes. And you have not seen an energyslimes yet…

Issue 1-5



[!2.0]No entry

[!2.0]          horised

[!2.0]   ople


[!1.7]And this frowning cunt is my friend Dan. In combination, he is a colleague, an engineer-technologist of mechanical assembly works. According to him, he “things out how to assemble the bulls… that I drew', heh.


Issue 1-6


[!1.7]Well, what happened here this time?


[!1.7]Now stand here…


[!1.7]Um… And what??



Issue 1-7





[!1.7]And now tell me, Mr. Constructor, what diameter should there have been protective seals against a stalemate demons?

[!1.7]Hey, according to USCD on a product of such dimensions rely a 99-mm's seals!

[!1.7]And you made an amend­ment to the material in the calculations? It's not a metal, but carbon composite!


* USCD - a Unified System of Classification of Demons.

Issue 1-8


[!1.7]Why you are so chronically clever when it's too late to offend?

[!1.7]Because of someone runs to me with eyes like this and screams “Urgent needs to start a production, sign it without watching!!!”

- There in program will be marked levels of urgency - “Urgent!”, “Very urgent!”, “NEEDEDYESTERDAY!”.
- And where any middle level of?
- Uh… did we ever had the level below “Urgent”?

Issue 1-9


[!1.7]F*ck you…


[!1.7]Okay, don't worry, I called the sixth department – they already sent an exorcist here.
Shaved off somehow!

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