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Freefall 3241 - 3250
Freefall 3241
The reactor is connected.
Excellent. Now for a big montage sequence so we don't slog through the details of getting the ship ready.
We still have to take care of the details.
It's not for us. It's for all the future sqids who will be reading about my amazing adventures!
Have you written anything down yet?
Not yet, but when I do, the montage sequence will let people know they've got the proper sqid story and not some contradictory fact checked version of events.
Freefall 3242
Captain's log. Seventeen days until liftoff. Ensured that I am well rested for maximum command making efficiency.
Woke up to find most of the command decisions have already been made.
Apparently, if I get enough rest, I'm capable of commanding in my sleep.
More research needed.
Freefall 3243
Captain's log. Sixteen days until liftoff. Spent the day Imagining how Florence would look as a different canine model. Florence says with a big project, there's always time until there isn't. Not sure what she means by that. She says I'll understand the day before liftoff.
I wonder how Florence would look as a squid?
Freefall 3244
Captain's log. Fifteen days before liftoff. The warehouse robots helped set up a site where I can offer daily encouragement. Have to make sure my budding criminals don't backslide into lawfulness.
What unauthorized food truck?
Oh, that one. It's legal.
[!1.7]Call me [!1.1]Ishmeal.

Непереводимая игра слов. Суффикс “ish” означает неполную принадлежность. Поэтому legal-ish фургон – не совсем легальный фургон. Ish-meal – “не совсем обед”.
Поэтому фраза “Зовите меня Измаил”(из Моби Дик) теряет при переводе второй смысл от контекста: “Заказывайте у меня недообеды”. (Mitrill)

Freefall 3245
Captain's Log. Fourteen days before liftoff. Hydrostatic testing day.
Florence seemed so intent on finding a leak, I thought I'd help.
Apparently, pH seven tap water smells very different from pH nine reactor water.
Now I'm locked out of the ship until she's done.
Freefall 3246
Captain's Log. Thirteen days before liftoff. Florence is still testing for leaks.
Drinking water. Recycling. Cooling. Lubrication. Air systems.
She says even small leaks add up in a closed system.
When I get killed by fluffy space piranhas instead of mechanical failure, I'll have her to thank.
Freefall 3247
Captain's Log: Twelve days before liftoff. Putting in supplies for the trip.
It's a lot of food. One last thing to figure out.
How many days will it be at .5 meters per second squared acceleration
before we're moving too fast for the orbital rail gun to deliver pizza?
[!1.1]  ionaut
Cosmonaut chow
[!0.8]It's mostly
[!0.9]It's mostly edible!
[!0.6]Cosmonaut chow
Freefall 3248
Captain's Log. Eleven days before liftoff.
Stole a balloon and things snowballed from there.
Why can't all days be this good?
Freefall 3249
Captain's Log. Ten days before liftoff. The first batch of hot sauce is ready.
Interesting taste. I must not possess the right receptors for capsaicin.
When we get to the station, I'm going to both increase sales and win a lot of drinking games.

Capsaicin – alkaloid irritant, cause of pepper burning

DeckardCanine painted Corgi-Florence.
His Downscale comic
Freefall 3250
Captain's Log. Nine days before liftoff.
Florence got called in for another
brain scan. They want to see what's
changed since her last one.
I bet they're trying to digitize
people. They need to scan me.
Mr. Raibert helpfully
told me several places
I could put my head.
Surprisingly, none of
them involved
the scanning machine.
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