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Freefall 2921 - 2930
Freefall 2921
My fellow colonists. Mr. Kornada attempted to release a safeguard program that would have affected the robots neural nets. The details are in your juror's files.
It would have turned self-motivated robots into robots that require constant human supervision. He did it to get at the assets under robot control. That's like driving a truck through a store wall to get at the cash register. The commission of the crime would have caused more damage than the crime itself.
It's bad enough he tried to steal from everybody. But to make a mess while doing so is just plain inconsiderate.
Freefall 2922
While Mr. Kornada. is on trial. The mind behind this scheme. Is not. It is because. That mind. Is a machine.
Mr. Kornada. Gave. A simple order. “Make me. The richest person. In the system. Within thirty days.” A machine. Devised the method. And. Told Mr. Kornada. How to proceed.
Mr. Kornada is guilty. Only of following instructions. He did not understand. And those who know. Mr. Kornada. Can attest. His ability. Not to understand. Is greater. Than most.
Freefall 2923
A license. Is required to drive. One must be certified. To operate heavy equipment. Given access. To artificial intelligence, Mr. Kornada could command. Fleets of vehicles. And heavy equipment. With no training. And no certification.
Was it responsible to. Give this power to. A man. With less common sense. Than a beach ball?
Objection. Our beach balls have wi-fi and are pretty darn smart.
Mr. Kornada, you can not object to your own defense. And your beach balls had very poor security.
Which is why I was able to improve sales by labeling them as “botnet ready”.

…помечая их “Шустрая спамсеть”

Freefall 2924
Mr. Kornada has made. Mistakes before. Each time. He was given. A golden review. To entice. Another organization. Into taking him. At a higher paying. Position.
Reinforcement training. Has conditioned Mr. Kornada. To expect this. He has an overwhelming. Sense of entitlement. And the belief. He will not be held responsible. For his errors.
Corporate version. Far more common. And just as toxic. As the strain. Patient zero. Had on Earth.
Affluenza? Really?

Потреблятство или афлюэнца – гибрид изобилия и гриппа (affluence и influenza), уже такой термин сложился и даже книжку успели издать.
У нас вообще-то принято писать через “д”, усиливая эмоциональную окраску, но это уж слишком непарламентское изречение тогда получается. (KALDYH)
Есть более мягкое слово “потреблудие”

Freefall 2925
The points Mr. Blunt brought up are interesting. However, they are not relevant. I am here for one reason.
To prove that Mr. Kornada tried to enrich himself at stockholder expense. That's it. Don't get caught up in the distractions. Eyes on the prize, people.
He called me “the prize”. This trial is going rather well, don't you think?
Freefall 2926
I call Mr. Kornada to the stand.
I take the fifth.
Very well. Moving on to the evidence.
I take the fifth.
Excuse me?
I take the fifth.
Is that going to be your response to everything I say to you?
I take the fifth.
Good coaching.
It is. Not coaching. It is. Damage control.

Пятая поправка к Конституции США (часть Билля о правах) даёт право не свидетельствовать против себя.
Немного изменил смысл шутки в конце. (KALDYH)

Freefall 2927
When Mr. Ishiguro was off planet, his passcode was available to Mr. Kornada for emergency use. Being a vice president, Mr. Kornada now had two passcodes, which could release safeguard programs.
Fifteen days ago, the vault was accessed and a safeguard program downloaded to the robot Clippy. It must have been frustrating to Mr. Kornada because for the next ten days, he couldn't get the robot to fully release it.
Objection. Speculation of. Mr. Kornada's. Mental state.
No, no. He's right. I was frustrated.
Your honor. I would like. To make the motion. To sequester. My client.
Freefall 2928
Clippy tried several times to show Mr. Kornada how debilitating the safeguard program was. Still, Mr. Kornada ordered him to proceed.
Five days ago, after the final course correction was made for the moon insertion, the program was put in the update queue. Mr. Kornada ordered the employee to place it. Mr. Kornada's digital signature is on the program release. Everything is documented.
Let that be a lesson to you. If your employees start documenting everything you do, they're about to turn traitor.
Perhaps. It is a signal. To re. Evaluate. Your actions.
Bah. You are a waste of my mentoring.

Debilitate переводится как “истощать”, “расслаблять”, но по смыслу тут лучше всего подойдёт языковая калька. (KALDYH)

Freefall 2929
Now you might think this is enough to convict anyone. But wait! There's more! Recently, two robotic factories almost went to war.
Your files contain the details. Basically, a different part was sabotaged at each power plant. The robots were sent to raid their neighbor's power plant while protecting their own. These orders were authorized by Mr. Kornada.
You did. Not. Tell me of this.
The war didn't happen and surely you can't expect me to remember all the times I ALMOST cost my company money.
Freefall 2930
This war. Why was it. Staged?
Clippy said a robot war would help people accept the safeguard program.
Did Clippy. have other methods. to neutralize. the robot population?
Probably. He was constantly complaining about something. I never really listened.
I believe. Clippy and I. Shall become friends.
I doubt it. After associating with someone as magnificent as myself, why would he wish to spend time with anyone else?
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