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Freefall 2901 - 2910
Freefall 2901
What are you in for?
They arrested you for that?
No. The cops said my art was garish and that my use of blue and purple obscured the underlying message and resulted in a display of mediocrity.
So you turned yourself in because the rehabilitation program has art lessons?
The law I can handle. Critics are tough.
Freefall 2902
I'd show you the art room, but it's locked after hours.
Probably for the best. The walls, the floors, even the ceilings here are like huge empty canvases crying to be filled. If I had supplies, I'd be tempted to do something… creative.
Are you an angel or a devil?
I like to think I contain a bit of both.
Freefall 2903
Halt! Art supplies are to be used in the art room only.
Art is about expanding boundaries. Contained to the art room? Bah! Right here, right now, this floor is where art is meant to be!
Besides, it's only chalk. It will wash right off.
Great. I paired up with a socially responsible vandal.
Freefall 2904
What are you guys doing out here? It's shift turnover time. You should be relieving the guards inside.
It's forced perspective. Go on in.
We can't. It's too nice to walk on.
Freefall 2905
The fire escapes and delivery bays have chalk drawings on the floor as well.
If we walk on the chalk drawings, we will destroy them.
What shall we do? Human created beauty is to be preserved. Yet we have a duty to those inside.
Perhaps the humans, in their wisdom, anticipated this scenario and created countermeasures against it?
Okay, boys. Time for the morning cleaning. Take pride in what you do. A clean and shiny floor is a work of art!
Freefall 2906
Hey! Stop! Stop!
This floor is covered with chalk. I shall make it clean!
It's art!
I don't know much about art, but I know what I like.
You are a destroyer of beauty!
I am a creator. You are watching a minimalist at work.
Freefall 2907
The drawings are gone.
They were never meant to be permanent.
Some art is meant to be temporary. Like a sunset or a rainbow, it's there for a short time and it makes people happy for having experienced it.
The human body is a work of art. You are a work of art. All life is beauty.
Except bugs. Vacuumable bugs don't count.
Freefall 2908
I get it! Life is beauty and should be preserved.
No! That's not my point at all!
Life eats life. Destruction is as needed as creation. If you extend a life, that comes at a cost. You have to think of the ripple effects when you take action.
Art is harder to understand than I thought.
That's it! I'm staying in prison. If I can't get a simple message across with a chalk drawing, I'm not fit to be among civilized people.
Freefall 2909
Sam Starfall!
Morning already? I overslept.
You're not allowed here! This is federal property! You're trespassing.
Oh, no. I could be sent to prison for that.
Great Thundering Dustbunnies! A catch twenty two!
So, do you want me to leave or get ready for breakfast?

Уловка-22, согласно одноимённой книге о военных лётчиках, “Всякий, кто заявляет о себе, что он сумасшедший, с целью освободиться от военной обязанности, тем самым доказывает, что он не сумасшедший, так как такое заявление явно говорит о здравомыслии”. Тут схожий случай.

Freefall 2910
The warden will have an anxiety attack if he finds you here!
Then it's time for one of my world famous prison breaks.
This would be more challenging if you weren't helping me escape.
We're not helping you escape. We're throwing you out. There's a difference.
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