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Freefall 2821 - 2830
Freefall 2821
Lots of pancakes, syrup, butter, and stuff to drink.
Time to put their ideas of a post scarcity society to the test.

Постдефицит (англ) – дефицит пропал, большинство товаров и услуг доступно бесплатно или практически бесплатно, ввиду простоты преобразования сырья в готовую продукцию (при наличии большого количества автоматизированных систем).

Freefall 2822
Chief. What are you doing here?
Investigation. We have an unauthorized repair gang in the area. I suspect you may be a witness.
Also, pancakes. Everyone shows up for pancakes.
It's true. Everyone shows up for pancakes.
Oh, for crying out loud! You guys don't even eat!
Freefall 2823
Ms. Ambrose. I also came to see you. With the mayor and Mr. Ishiguro supporting your actions, there is no longer any danger of the robots believing you acted against human interests.
Yep. You're good.
Mayor. What are you doing over there?
You certainly don't expect me to sit next to you.
I better make some more pancakes.
Freefall 2824
Mr. Post. Sorry to interrupt. We've been working on a city design. It's going to be the size of San Diego.
Universities. Concert halls. Recreation centers. Light rail. Parks. And lots of housing.
What kind of population are you expecting?
Well, we are going to be in competition with the cities the other robots are building.
We're hoping for a population of three, maybe four hundred humans.

Сан-Диего – по численности населения (в 2005 году 1,3 млн жителей, с пригородами 2,9 млн) второй в штате Калифорния после Лос-Анджелеса и восьмой в США. В Сан-Диего проходит Международный ежегодный фестиваль Comic-Con.

Freefall 2825
I don't want to carry plates.
This. Will allow. Us. To speak. To many humans.
They must. Be warned. That a machine workforce. Powered by nuclear fusion. Will out produce. Life. Powered by. Chemical energy.
They don't seem to mind.

А чего ему волноваться? Это же инспектор Freefall 0795 (plBots)

Freefall 2826
I'm surprised you let the robots go free. I figured you as more of the control freak type.
Slavery is not profitable. You have to guard slaves. Free individuals who buy into the system are profitable.
You want to make money off of them.
Child, software is not just our product. It's our future customers.
Freefall 2827
You can't possibly be eating all those pancakes.
I'm not. I'm storing them in my suit. For emergencies.
What kind of…
Ahhh! Polly! No, don't eat my facial tentacles! Eat these instead!
See? I bet your clothes would sell better if they came with ablative pancake armor.
It would be a niche market. Very few of my customers are ever in danger of being eaten by an emu.

Аблятивная, или абляционная защита – защита, основанная на испарении, отрыве и уносе частиц защиты с защищаемой поверхности. Используется для покрытия сопел ракетных двигателей и спускаемых аппаратов, а также в научной фантастике (например в Star Trek) – для корпусов кораблей с целью защиты от лучевого оружия.

Freefall 2828
You doing okay? You've made a lot of pancakes.
I'm doing great!
Mr. Post. Mister Ishiguro. Even the mayor had to wait until I let her eat.
I know humans don't have the same instincts about food as I do. That still doesn't stop me from feeling this is the best day ever.
Freefall 2829
Essentials have to be transported in. Cut the support and cities become deserts. They support very little biodiversity on their own.
Humans don't like to live in swamps. There's too much biodiversity.
They are hard to build for. Too little nature and they die. Too much nature and they die.
Their information is also confusing. Humans say they like lions and tigers and bears. Then you show them the plans and find there is a surprisingly strong “Not in my back yard” contingent.
Freefall 2830
There's so much possibility. So much I need to do. I'll talk to the mayor and the robots. We'll make up a set of rules and then elect a dictator to make them direct orders.
Oh, and the other planets. I'll make a presentation for the next starship so when the other colonies hear about what happened here, they don't freak out.
Hey, I haven't let you speak at all. I'm sorry. I've been a poor conver­sationalist.
Kid, you've been talking for twenty minutes and you haven't asked me to do anything for you. That makes you a great conver­sationalist in my book.
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