Freefall 2511 - 2520
Freefall 2511

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Save money by upgrading the equipment? My supervisor tells me “We can't afford to save money!”

Thank you. Edge. Our point. Has been. Made.

You have seen. A disobedient. Rude. Robot. You know. What you. Must do.


Yes. I believe it is.

Freefall 2512

A meeting of the mechanical minds


This went better than expected. They've bought into that robots are intelligent, conscious individuals.

Message Sawtooth and tell him to wrap things up. As long as nobody does anything stupid, we've got this in the bag.

Where's Sam?

I thought you were watching him!

Freefall 2513

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Hey! These guys are skipping over the good stuff! Last night we stopped the biggest rip off in human history!

The robots have money! They have bank accounts! Mr. Kornada figured out that if the robots were lobotomized, he could get at their money!

These two think humans are pure and noble. I know better! You've created the greatest wealth generating engine ever seen! Think twice before you start throwing monkey wrenches into it!

Freefall 2514

A meeting of the mechanical minds


The problem you guys have is that you can't make the robots free citizens if you keep safeguards on them. But if you weaken the safeguards, will robots be safe?

The answer is simple. Your robots are safe. I'm living proof.

How are you living proof?

I've been here for years. I'm not human. There are no safeguards protecting me. Think about it.

Freefall 2515

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Now we all know what Ecosystems Unlimited is going to say.

“We built the robots. They belong to Ecosystems Unlimited. Therefore, any assets they have belong to Ecosystems Unlimited.”

Unless we protect the robots' money, it's all going to be taken by the one percent when it should be taken by us!

I almost had them doing the right thing for the right reason. But I guess I can settle for them doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

Freefall 2516

A meeting of the mechanical minds


We're good. You got their hearts and minds. I got their stomachs and wallets.

Макс явно спец по ловле кальмаров театральным багром (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2517

A meeting of the mechanical minds


[!1.3]No! Do not. Be seduced. By short term. Gain!

I think you lost them, Blunt.

Come. We may. Still. Help the humans. See. The correct. Path.

What are you looking at, you plastic assembly line reject!?

Nuts. After insulting humans, insulting robots doesn't have the same zing any more.

Freefall 2518

A meeting of the mechanical minds


So much for a clean, organized end to the debate.

Yeah. Look at it.

Humans are on stage. Robots are in the audience. It's messy and noisy and everyone is engaged and having fun.

It's not good to have too much order. Unless you have some chaos, there's not room for new things to grow.

Freefall 2519

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Edge! You were great! I want you to come to my club and insult my customers!

You are a festering, pustulant, chum bucket!

Ha! That's beautiful! Here's my link. Seriously, contact me.

Okay, maybe humans are worth protecting. What's your plan?

В оригинале “chum” – приманка для рыбы из рыбных же отходов. В русском такого слова нет, поэтому использована не менее противная субстанция :) (KALDYH)

Freefall 2520

A meeting of the mechanical minds


It is against. The mayor's orders. To. Harm. Other. Robots. This. Limits our options.

We shall. Shut off. The torrent. Of new robots. There are. No orders. Protecting. The manufacturing facilities. And there are. Several. Key components. Due. For quality control. Testing.

You are the most law abiding saboteur I've ever encountered.

We must not let. Humans. Stop us. From preventing their extinction. On a technicality.

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