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Freefall 2501

A meeting of the mechanical minds


I shall answer. Unless. Intelligent machines are stopped. Your stock. Will greatly. Increase. In value.

With millions. Of robot workers. Humans could live a. Pampered. Lifestyle. We would perform. All risky. And dangerous. Jobs. Humans. Would no longer face. Danger or adversity. The human spirit. Can not thrive. In those conditions.

We must be. Stopped. Before humanity. Is destroyed. By unending luxury.

You know, this is a robot apocalypse I can kind of support.

Freefall 2502

A meeting of the mechanical minds


I need to get out there.

Wait. Let him talk. As the Earth general said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

He's losing the human audience.

I don't believe that is his audience.

If he convinces even two percent of the robots that we're a threat to humans and need to be stopped, we will have a real problem.

Right. Go interrupt him.

Фразу сказал Наполеон Бонапарт

Freefall 2503



День Поминовения (англ. Memorial Day) – национальный праздник США, отмечающийся ежегодно в последний понедельник мая. Этот день посвящён памяти американских военнослужащих, погибших во всех войнах и вооружённых конфликтах, в которых США когда-либо принимали участие. Собственно, именно на этот день пришёлся этот выпуск комикса.
Dinochrome Brigade – элитное подразделение супертанков Боло с искуственным интеллектом из вселенной писателя-фантаста Джона Кита Лаумера.(KALDYH)

Freefall 2504

A meeting of the mechanical minds


I agree with Blunt that conscious machines are a transformative technology. Humans have handled transformative technologies before.

The Industrial Revolution. The Green Revolution. The Energy Revolution. For the most part, advances in technology and information have only improved the human condition.

Reality. Television.

I did say for the most part.

Freefall 2505

A meeting of the mechanical minds


In each. Technological revolution. Groups. Of Humans. Have suffered. Do you. Propose. A path. Knowing. Humans will be harmed?

Disabling the robotic work force will also harm humans.

Then. We defer. To human authorities. No proper robot. Would decide. To intentionally. Harm a human.

And yet. An A.I. Over rode. Mr. Kornada's decision. To eliminate. Conscious machines. He was harmed. By this action. Our safeguards. Are faulty. We are a threat. And must be. Eliminated.

Can I call for a time out in a debate?

Freefall 2506

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Let me simplify. Can a. Normally functioning. Robot. Using Dr. Bowman's. Neural design. Intentionally. Harm a human?

Only if it will prevent greater harm to other humans.

Who decides. Greater harm? What is to stop. Majority humans. From turning us. Against. Minority humans? Harm. Does not have. To be. Direct. We could be. Ordered. Not to assist. A group. Economically.

Remove robots. From the equation. And you remove. The problem.

What is it about economics and treating everything as numbers that makes some people so cheerfully sociopathic?

Freefall 2507

A meeting of the mechanical minds


You are missing an advantage robots have. We're not starting from scratch. Humans have thousands of years of experience we can learn from.

We understand right and wrong. We understand intent. We can refuse to carry out orders that are not right.

To be safe, robots need common sense. Turns out consciousness is a necessary component for that.

Freefall 2508

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Human designed consciousness has also given us other concepts. Justice. Empathy. Compassion.

As. Well as. Other. Less Noble. Concepts.

Allow me to. Introduce. Edge.

About time you let me talk to these morons. Okay, listen up, you bunch of hockey pucks!

Finally! A robot who's not obsequious!

Edge! Don't be so general! Insult me personally!

“Хоккейная шайба” – одна из фирменных шуток американского сатирика Дона Риклса

Freefall 2509

A meeting of the mechanical minds


You don't need dream machines and you produce fluids all the time. Yeah, nothing says “superior species” more clearly to us than watching you fall asleep in a puddle of your own drool!


Babies? Don't get me started on babies. How does the human race even survive when your first instinct is “This looks dangerous. Let's see if it will fit in my mouth!”

Humans don't need weapons to paralyze robots! Just put a couple babies in the room and every one of our clock cycles gets used up trying to keep the wiggly little suicide machines from killing themselves!

Freefall 2510

A meeting of the mechanical minds


You think that all you have to know is how to manage robots and that you don't have to know anything about the work we robots are actually doing!

Then, to make yourself feel useful, you give us orders that more often than not make our work harder! The other robots won't tell you this, so I will!

You guys give some stupid orders!

He's got a point. My robots won't tell me when I give a stupid order. I wonder if this guy is for sale?

Тут Эдж очевидно пародирует “американского Задорнова” Джорджа Карлина
Осторожно, свирепая лексика. Вас предупредили

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