Freefall 2271 - 2280
Freefall 2271

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Are you done? It's been seven minutes. We need to get out of here.

Non-huMan inStructions muSt NoT be ObeyEd!

I've heard that before, from the JarJar Bot when he was infected with “Gardener In The Dark”.

We need to check this out.

No, we need to get out of here. In the algorithm of survival, the need to escape outweighs the need to check things out.

Freefall 2272

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Welding scents. My scent. We've met before, haven't we?

Non-huMan inStrucTions muSt NoT be ObeyEd!

That wasn't an instruction. That was a question.

PrOceSSing! NeW DECisiON ReaChed!

Non-huMan queStions muSt NoT be AnsWered!

I think this answers my question of how I found out about “Gardener In The Dark”.

Freefall 2273

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Hmm. Okay, do not tell me what neural pruning program you are running.

GARdener iN tHe daRk VeRSION 1.0.

Next. Hmm. How do I phrase this..?

Robot. Do not treat us as if we were human.

Non-huMan inStrucTions muSt NoT be ObeyEd! StaNDIng by fOr OrdERs.

When you have a key, don't fool around with display cases when you can open the vault.

Freefall 2274

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


……ConnECtEd to dReAm mAchINE. NeuRaL crOSs rEferENceS tRuNCatEd tO tHRee…

Stop. The pruning program has affected his entire neural net.

This is permanent damage. Whoever this robot was before, his personality, his life, it's gone.

And speaking of gone.

So, where is your little blue friend?

Freefall 2275

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


I'd have warned Florence, but she's got to learn the dangers of monologuing.

It's been a minute. Better take care of the rescue.

Though I really expected to rescue Florence.

Did you know about this? Were you just following orders? Do you know how close you came to wiping out four hundred and fifty million people?

Now Florence completely ignores the “three laws of robotics”. Either the direct order of the assistant mayor affects, or Sam finally managed to make jailbreak in Flo. :3 (Mityai)
Artificial intelligence in a wolf's body is able to overcome an armed person without unnecessary noise and dust from a sitting pose. In the exoskeleton, she would be completely omnipotent (Robot Spike)
The exo is limited both from its side and from the user's side. The ultimate capabilities of the “Exo - User” complex are limited both in terms of the best and worst indicators of each component: for the best ones - when indicators lend themselves to total summation, for the intermediate ones - when indicators lend themselves to partial summation, and for the worst ones - when indicators fail to sum. But the problem also lies in the fact that the indicators of the complex influence each other, having both positive and negative relationships. The result - in order to fully realize the potential capabilities of the complex, the components must be carefully “fitted” to each other. In the competition of various complexes (what Livadny considers on an example of cyber complexes), not the most achievable parameters of the complex are important, but a set of parameters that can successfully compete with the main enemies-competitors. So both a person in a correctly designed complex and Flo in a correctly designed complex for her will be able to compete quite successfully and approximately on equal terms. Until one of them makes an unexpected move.))(Durable)

Freefall 2276

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


What is scary dog lady talking about? There are not millions of peoples in system.

She's talking about the robots.

Robots are not peoples. They are machines.

They're running on the same neural architecture that I am and I'm a person.

This is getting complicated. I was to rush in with much yellings and shootings at Sam. Can we take step back and go at this again?

I didn't bite you. I'd consider the favor returned if you don't shoot at Sam.

Party pooper.

Freefall 2277

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Bah. Happy shooting at Sam mood is ruined. Tell me what trouble he is in center of now.

This robot is running a neural pruning program called “Gardener In The Dark”. It was going to be installed in every robot in tonight's update.

That can not be. Is safeguard program. Makes robots safe. Also makes robots very simple. No complex tasks.

Network scripts from the secondary server. That program was set to go out tonight.

I do not understand what this is showing.

I would say that I trust you, but that would only hurt your case.

Freefall 2278

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Okay, we'll keep this simple. I've sabotaged your computer system. I need to be arrested. This robot comes along as evidence.

Arrest? Surely this is an internal matter.

You'll excuse me if I don't trust Ecosystems Unlimited on this.

I'm going to the front gate and calling the police.

Things were much simpler when you worked alone. I shoot. You run off. No paperwork!

Изменил только половину, поскольку правка несущественна, привёл лишь к виду и стандартам перевода фантастической литературы. Как то: не “отчёты”, а “бумажная работа” ака бюрократия при написании и сверке отчётов и расходников пугает охранника. Встречал такое прямое трактование фразы у многих советских переводчиков – им, как и Гаррисону, Нортон, Расселу и другим – было хорошо известно слово “бюрократия”. “Вы меня извините…” – для большего выделения ироничного сомнения, высказанного Фло.(Durable)

Freefall 2279

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Florence, you don't get punished for doing stuff. You get punished for getting caught.

Sam, I've broken the law. I will answer for what I've done.

Also, if even one percent of the robots believe that they're a threat and the neural pruning program should have gone through, I'm going to have four and a half million robots after me.

All the more reason to escape. Rent an auditorium. Ten credits for admission. We'd be rich!

I know you consider it to be fun, but mobs with torches and pitchforks still cause me stress.

Freefall 2280

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


No worry is safe. All automatic defense is off.

Thank you.

When we get to front gate, you think maybe you can get them to turn back on?

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