Freefall 1981 - 1990
Freefall 1981

When robot factories go to war


Sorry for the interruption, sir. Ms. Ambrose. We have a situation that I am hoping you might assist us with.

In a very short time, two territories with over fifty thousand robots are going to go to war with each other.

That is one of the few things anyone could say that would refocus my attention after having a jet engine blowing sand up my dress.

Freefall 1982

When robot factories go to war


I can't help with a war.

Both territories had their fusion reactors go down within five minutes of each other. A different vital part was damaged in each.


Each territory has the part the other needs. No spares. Also, there are no spares in the inventory system.

That's too many coincidences to be coincidence.

Which is why I need both a fusion engineer and a detective! Come on, Watson, come! The game is afoot!

Freefall 1983

When robot factories go to war


Sorry. I wasn't expecting a robot conflict tonight.

Would you like me to come along?

I would love for you to come along.

Good idea. It will be greatly to our advantage to have a human along.

Sawtooth, for someone aspiring to be Sherlock Holmes, you are missing some major clues.

Freefall 1984

When robot factories go to war


If we can get their reactors going, we can stop this war before it starts.

Dvorak told me a million robots are added every three months.

Robots need infrastructure. there should be several fusion reactors under construction that have the parts we need.

That… is a good idea.

It doesn't get listed on resumes, but being a good scrounge is a talent every technical employer looks for.

Freefall 1985

When robot factories go to war


Since a human is with us, I've diverted a cargo carrier.

You diverted a cargo carrier for me?

Human desires take priority over robot needs.

That's ridiculous. What if a cargo carrier is needed to save hundreds of robots and a couple of humans want it to go to a birthday party?

Human desires take priority. Let them eat cake!

We're setting ourselves up for a revolution, aren't we?

No. More like waking up one morning to find all your workers have run off.

Между прочим, Пилозуб приводит знаменитую цитату.
Этой фразой, опрометчиво сказанной во время крестьянского голода, фаворитка короля Франции Людовика мадам Помпадур вызвала самое резкое в истории человечества повышение революционных настроений (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1986

When robot factories go to war


I haven't introduced myself. Sawtooth Rivergrinder, at your service.

Hi. Winston Thurmad.

Our first stop will be the reactor that is under construction. Please keep in mind that most robots there will be under three years old and have never seen a human before.

Don't worry. I won't do anything silly like claiming to be a god.

Good. Claiming to be a god would be to step away from being human. In their eyes, that would be a step down.

Freefall 1987

When robot factories go to war


Welcome. I'm Bennie, this is my jet. Come on board.

Don't we have to go through security and get X-rayed or groped or something?

Naaw. You blokes look okay to me.

If I'd known I could get on a plane with my dignity intact, I'd have flown cargo long ago.

Элтон Джон – “Bennie and the Jets”

Freefall 1988

When robot factories go to war


All right, let's get you buckled down. I didn't come from the end of the world to your town to have you go sliding about my cargo hold.

As for you, sir, we have some seats up front.

And sorry for the delay, sir. Please keep in mind that most of my passengers arrive already packed in their own shipping containers.

Freefall 1989

When robot factories go to war


Thanks for giving us a lift.

No worries. I know how much you love playing detective.

Besides, Sawtooth uses remotes and I own him runtime for helping me with a body image problem I was having.

Now I'm perfectly happy in identifying myself with the body my brain isn't in.

It's easy when dealing with one person. Things become more complex when two people are fighting over the remote.

Freefall 1990

When robot factories go to war


That's your brain case?

Yep. Portable and lets me fly more than one plane. But me, the seat of my consciousness, sits right here behind my eyes.

No matter what plane I'm in, I remain the same. though I have misplaced the case a few times. Ever done something and wonder “where was my brain when I did that?”

Then I had a transmitter put in the case and never had to worry about losing my mind again.

The rest of us should have it so easy.

[!0.7]Do not disengage brain while plane is in motion.

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