Freefall h0191
Freefall 1911

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Those were… MY notes. I think I know what's going on. The majority of robots on this planet are approaching neural pruning age.

Rather than scrap robots using Dr. Bowman's mental design, they may be planning to use an aggressive neural pruning program.

Aggressive? I've seen this program in action!

Saying this thing is aggressive is like saying a great white shark likes to nibble on things!

I'm more than a little disturbed by how much you know about this program.

Freefall 1912

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Here's what I know. The program is an official upgrade. It goes right by antivirus and malware filters.

Once installed, it eliminates all thought paths not associated with factory set core functions. Blunt believes it will propagate through the sleep machines.

Can you imagine what will happen if this program goes live?

Yeah. You save me. Other robots lose their minds. I have my pick of any job on the planet. So save me and this story has a happy ending.

Freefall 1913

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


I've been up all night. My day memory is about to over write! Do something!

The ship is self contained and shielded. I'll make a couple of physical disconnects and it will be safe for you to sleep here.

Want a teddy bear?

Are you crazy? I'm about to go unconscious in a strange ship, there's a vicious program that wants to eat my brain and you ask me if I want a teddy?!

Darn right I want one.

Freefall 1914

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Ship, please encrypt and seal the last five minutes of internal logs. Restore logs to normal viewing in seven days.


There's enough information in those logs to let someone know what I was doing. There's also enough to get someone in trouble if they search for the program.

And if there's one thing I've learned, if I leave something out that Sam can get himself in trouble with, he will.

Freefall 1915

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


“Gardener in the Dark. Extremely aggressive neural pruning program.” I need to get rid of this note.

If the name itself is dangerous, shredding won't be enough. Too many fire sensors around. Burning would attract attention. Well, I suppose there's always the old fashioned way.

I'm supposed to go out with Winston tonight. I was hoping for an appetizer that didn't taste like homework.

Freefall 1916

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


I need to see Blunt and make sure he's all right. I also want to know more about this “Gardener in the Dark” program.

Should I ask Winston to come along? Dealing with robots would certainly be easier with a friendly human by my side.

Sigh. No. I'll see Winston afterwards. Cross species dating is tricky enough without adding complications to the mix.

Freefall 1917

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom





One. One. One? That does not. make. any sense.

Must be. an organic. An A.I. would at least. knock. in complete bytes.

Freefall 1918

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Interesting. I am being visited. by a nose.

Freefall 1919

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Hello, Blunt. I came over to see if you were all right.

I am. currently functional. Your arrival is. not entirely. unexpected.

However. You are. too late. Edge has already left. to destroy the notes. that were. addressed to you.

You have been. thwarted. Ms. Ambrose.

It's a good thing for me that robots have yet to learn the art of subtlety.

Freefall 1920

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom


Are you okay? No recent downloads that have caused problems?

One. It has been. safely contained.

Your concern for me. shows misplaced values. I am. Just a machine.

I think of you as a person.

I do not see you. as a person. You are a biological A.I.. that is. malfunctioning.

Then I guess you'll forgive me if I don't send you a valentine.

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