Freefall 1871 - 1880
Freefall 1871

Resupplying satellites


Fire in space is actually rather nice.



Non-dairy creamer.

And I can buy that without a license?! Cool!

Freefall 1872

Resupplying satellites


Do that again!

Okay. This time, I'm going to put the non-dairy creamer in a can before lighting it.

Floating dust, closed space, and an ignition source.


That's how you can lose a spacecraft in half a second.

Okay. New rule. No more non-dairy creamer on this ship. Anyone who flies with us has to drink their coffee black.

Freefall 1873

Resupplying satellites


It's not just creamer. Any suspended flammable is dangerous.

Like flour? I can be killed by floating flour?!

This isn't right! Spaceship captains should be killed by disasters or horrible monsters, not floating food products!

Sam, as long as we follow good housekeeping rules and maintain our ventilation systems, we'll be fine.

Maybe if I wear a red shirt. That still counts if you're color blind, right?

Краснорубашечники (кино)
Вообще-то, собаки обладают ограниченным цветным зрением (бихроматическим), и модификация данного гена, чтобы получить полноценное трехкомпонентное зрение, достаточно изучена, чтобы производить ее даже в наше время. Странно, что разработчики этого не сделали.(KALDYH)

Freefall 1874

Resupplying satellites


Moving on. This is a continuous air monitor. C.A.M. for short. It measures for oxygen, explosive atmosphere, poisonous atmosphere, and pressure.

It will pass on information and trends to a data slab. For our use, all four lights need to be blue for the air to be safe.

Take that out of your mouth.

Are you kidding? I finally have proof my breath isn't toxic.

Freefall 1875

Resupplying satellites


I'm really debating on whether or not to show him the fire hoses.

Freefall 1876

Resupplying satellites


The most common fire on a space ship is electrical. Cut the power and the fire should go out.

If the fire continues to burn, it's usually caused by poor housekeeping. Flammable items that shouldn't be… on board.

Captain, I don't think I've ever been in your room.

Then you don't know what you've been missing. I have the finest collection of items ever scavenged from curbside on garbage day.

Freefall 1877

Resupplying satellites



Amazing, isn't it?

It's very… eclectic. But as the captain of the ship, you really shouldn't have furniture that will doom us all.

Freefall 1878

Resupplying satellites


We'll buy you new furniture when we get back. Something done in a style other than modern flammable.

May I have this sock? It's polyester.

You want the sock I bravely liberated from an unattended drier? Why?

I'd like to set it on fire for training.

Well, I'm pretty good at setting fires, but I suppose there's always room to learn new techniques.

Freefall 1879

Resupplying satellites


You have a new extinguisher. Put out the fire, and remember about action and reaction.

Yeah, yeah. Let's light this argyle.

Okay, where did the fire go?

As I said, action and reaction.

Аrgyle – наверное, носок был неправильно раскрашен? (Варг)

Freefall 1880

Resupplying satellites


The extinguisher imparts motion to what it hits. People will talk about how fire runs from the extinguisher. You have to compensate for this.

The first technique is to be gentle. Lightly surround the fire with water mist to cool and smother it.

Myself, I prefer the second technique. Chase the fire into a corner and kill it!

Even fighting fires, it's not hard to tell which crew member is the predator.

Люди говорят об этом – огонь убегает от огнетушителя. (Durable)

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