Freefall 1861 - 1870
Freefall 1861

Resupplying satellites


Our first rendezvous is with satellite Cerberus.

We should start with Arf! It starts with A, it should come first.

Cerberus can handle the most reaction mass. That's mass we don't have to accelerate to reach our other customers.

So we want to get rid of mass?


Well, nuts. There goes my plan to be the first person in history to siphon the tank of a satellite.

Freefall 1862

Resupplying satellites


HEY! This isn't where I want to be!

Little Florence

Excuse me. I noticed your radio is non functional. Your short range communications are still active. I shall act as a relay and restore your connection to commnet.

Don't you love multiple layers of redundancy?

Go away! I don't like redundancy when it's trying to kill me!

Freefall 1863

Resupplying satellites


If you don't want advanced communication, I can do infrared. Bluetooth. Audio. Even sign language.

Transponder <off>

Hey! He vanished!

A restaurant dumpster! this could be useful!


Friend? Where did you go?

Freefall 1864

Resupplying satellites


And now, without further delay, to the spaceport!

That is the longest video store window I've ever seen.

Персонажи в порядке появления:

Freefall 1865

Resupplying satellites


Hey! You. Metalhead. A human told me that you should go find Florence Ambrose immediately.

Who needs a radio? All I need to do is follow this guy. I am so smart, sometimes I scare myself.


Okay, I'm going to try this again, and this time I'm going to pick a slower robot.

Freefall 1866

Resupplying satellites


Okay, you got me here. A human now wants you to go about your normal business.

Yes, unidentified mobile talking thing.


Human overlord. Where can I find the talking dog named Florence Ambrose?

I missed them by minutes, didn't I?

Oh, heck no. You missed them by hours.

Freefall 1867

Resupplying satellites


Disconnect in three, two, one. Disconnect. Disconnect is clean. No leakage. Retracting umbilical.

Umbilical retracted. I've got a closed light. Prepare for thrust in three, two, one. Thrust.

Things are going so well, it's almost a shame I have to wake up Sam for training.

Freefall 1868

Resupplying satellites


Sam. Time to wake up. Sam!

Go away! Sleepy! Wake me up when it's time to get paid.

Too bad. I was going to set things on fire out here.

Glad you could join me. I'm going to show you how to handle fires in microgravity.

Hey! You never said anything about setting fires being educational!

Freefall 1869

Resupplying satellites


I know all about fire. My species isn't… How are you doing that?

No gravity, no convection currents. Nothing to move air in a way to feed the flame.

I've turned off the ventilation in this section. Without moving air, the fire will extinguish itself.


Sam, please don't hijack the lesson plan by setting yourself on fire. There will be time to do that later under safer circumstances.

Freefall 1870

Resupplying satellites



Ooo! Ooo! Computer! Turn out the lights!

You have to admit, that is pretty.

Unfortunately, many things that can kill you are.

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