Freefall 1741 - 1750
Freefall 1741

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Time for you guys to get to work. Ship, where's Florence?

Florence Ambrose has left the vehicle.

She's probably walking back along our scent trail.

That will lead her to the angry baker!

It would be so much safer for us if Florence could keep her nose out of our business.

Especially when that nose is so closely followed by big, sharp, pointy teeth.

Freefall 1742

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Run! Run! We don't know how much of a lead she's got!

If Florence makes it to the angry baker before we do, our goose is cooked!

Now where are those two headed in such a hurry? An emergency? I better follow and find out.

Freefall 1743

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


First my boss tells me to secure the ship, then he runs off and leaves the door open.

I'm beginning to understand what a network administrator goes through.

Freefall 1744

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


We better have a plan or we're going to wind up face down in the turnovers.

I'm sure I'll have one before we get there, Helix.

Besides, the baker is cheap. That french bread he was using came form the discount bin.

But mark my words! One day, I'm going to be so famous that I get beaten with freshly baked goods and not just the day olds!

Freefall 1745

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


The ship's secure. Now to chase down Sam and Helix.

Sam's scent is so unique, I could track him through an open perfume factory in a thunderstorm.

The down side is that if I'm not careful and get a nose full of him, my food tastes funny the rest of the day.

Freefall 1746

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


The doors aren't barricaded. We got here before the bakery was fortified.

Florence spotted! Coming up fast!

Quick! Inside! Our plan is not to get killed!

That's not a very good plan.

It's a great plan when you consider the alternative!

Freefall 1747

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Now what?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hi. I left this morning without paying. Here you go.



Being honest is more fun than I thought.

Freefall 1748

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


He's running from me.


Here I am, trying to do the right thing, and the baker is running from me.

I could never forgive myself if I missed an opportunity like this.

Freefall 1749

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


There's a horrible creature after the baker!


Sam. And if it's not Sam, I need to help the baker.

You left the door open! Now there are two horrible creatures after the baker!

Maybe he left a cook book?

Freefall 1750

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


We can't stand out here while the bakery is being attacked!

We need a mob. Do you have torches and pitchforks?

The baker! He has toothpicks for free samples! The plastic end will burn!

And the other end IS pointy.

Shouldn't we get more people?

No time. Besides, compact mobs are all the rage these days.

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