Freefall 1731 - 1740
Freefall 1731

Home again


Very interesting. You can keep Ecosystems Unlimited from putting you to sleep.


If you were designing a potentially dangerous A.I., would you put in only one shutdown switch? Especially one that you let the A.I. know about?

Are all engineers as paranoid as you?

We call it being properly cautious.

Freefall 1732

Home again


Here. Let me show you something else I picked up.

It's a factory reset. You sniff it and it erases any direct orders your evil human overlords may have given you.

Humans aren't evil overlords.

Accounting department.

Most humans aren't evil overlords!

Показывать всем бухгалтерам (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1733

Home again


Don't you want to keep these?

Heck, no. With great power comes great responsibility, and who want's that?

I probably shouldn't have these. Especially this remote.

Still, me having them rather than someone else greatly increases my chances of making it through a shower uninterrupted.

Freefall 1734

Home again


[!2.3]BEEP! BEEP!

Can our Road Runner outrun our Coyote?

You fool! She's just trying to outrun us!

Отсылка к мультфильмам Хитрый_койот_и_Дорожный_бегун

Freefall 1735

Home again



Security protocol recognized. Ship lockdown in progress.

You can get us back in, right?

Helix, a word of advice. Never pick the lock of a door that's protecting you from a beating.

Freefall 1736

Home again


Continue lockdown and hold calls for twenty minutes. Then cancel lockdown, accept calls, and open rear cargo door.


I have the ship to myself. For the next twenty minutes, there is effectively zero chance that anyone will disturb me or see me.

Which means I can finally take a shower with my rubber duck squeaky toy.

Freefall 1737

Home again


Computer, music please. Florence playlist one.

Squeak. Squa, squeak. Squa, squeak, squa, squeak, squa, squeak.

If humans had the jaw muscles for it, they'd realize the squeaky toy is the perfect musical accompaniment for Mozart in the shower.

Freefall 1738

Home again


That takes care of yesterday. Back to being a clean slate again.

Humans don't have a lot of scent/memory integration. They don't really seem to get that part of canine memory is carried externally.

It caused problems when I was a pup. I hated baths. My owner thought he was getting me clean. From my point of view, he was erasing all my notes.

Freefall 1739

Home again


It was nice to finally have an uninterrupted shower. The next time I lock down the ship, I'm doing it for an hour.

Secure the hatches! Turn off the lights! Nobody's home! And don't answer the door or the phone!

Though with practice, I could probably get my shower time down to five minutes.

Freefall 1740

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


All that fuss over a few crumbs of bread to feed a starving bird.

It was five loaves.

I asked if I could have them.

After you were already running.

In any case, it's been a good morning. Polly is fed and we helped a baker improve his throwing arm.

I'm going to tell the baseball team. They'd be interested in a man who can leave a bruise with a muffin.

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