Freefall 1521 - 1530
Freefall 1521

Dog Pound break out


You just mooned the Mayor!

Helix, I had to!

When she saw us waving at her after we stole the truck, her entire head turned red like a beet.

Her whole head is purple now.

Exactly. She was stuck at red. Without my help, she never would have reached the next level!

Тут имеется в виду каламбур в стиле, что мэр бегает за ним, потому что любит Cэма до потери пульса
Не согласен (Варг)

Freefall 1522

Dog Pound break out


Call the police! OTHER POLICE! We got Sam red tentacled! Grand theft auto! We have witnesses!


I have a trace on the truck! He's going south… towards our government building. He's… He's parking the truck back in its designated spot.

We left so fast… I didn't fill out the proper forms to use the truck.

Perhaps we can still get him for grand theft auto return?



Опять фразеологизм про поимку с красными руками, только на этот раз поимка с красными тентаклями
Ну и насчёт ГТА все поняли, да?
Не обязательно ГТА, возможно просто угон

Freefall 1523

Dog Pound break out


One day, I'm going to be a step ahead of that slimy space squid!

Sir! I found this envelope in the grass!

Thank you, Volunteer Mitchell. Now what's in here? Three cigars wrapped in a piece of plastic? Wait. There's writing on the plastic.

“Captain Sam's super secret special order 191.” These are Sam's plans!

Ha! He's going to regret our finding that envelope! After all the trouble he's caused, there's no way he's getting these cigars back.

Специальный приказ 191 – капрал Бартон Митчелл нашел в траве сверток с тремя сигарами. Сверток оказался военным приказом генерала армии Конфедерации Роберта Ли. Находка серьёзно повлияла на ход сражения во время американской гражданской войны.

Freefall 1524

Dog Pound break out


The Mayor's taken the bait!

Those cigars aren't going to explode, are they?


I should have kept my big speaker deactivated.

To the ship, Helix! Knowing something can be done is half the battle!

Freefall 1525

Dog Pound break out


Sam's engineer wants to go to Ecosystems Unlimited. Sam doesn't want her to go. These are his plans to stop her.

Knowing Sam, this could be a trick.

I know how to check! His engineer is that doggy thing. We call it and order it to tell the truth. If it really wants to go to Ecosystems Unlimited, we ensure that it does.

There are also plans to make sure she doesn't sneak another case of brandy on board the ship.

Ha! If it foils Sam's plans, I'll order it to sneak THREE cases of brandy on board.

Freefall 1526

A call from the mayor


A cut behind the bow got me out of Abby's dress. I'll add a button later. Now it's time for a nice warm shower, a good dinner, and a comfy bed.


I'm in the…

This is the Mayor. Direct order. Come to the view screen now.

That woman is so going on my blocked caller list.

Freefall 1527

A call from the mayor


The Mayor probably wants to know why I left the dog pound. I'll co-operate and this should be over fairly quickly and painlessly.

This is a direct order. You will be silent unless my aide or I ask you a question. You will answer our questions fully and truthfully. Do you understand?


Wouldn't it be nice if you could order people to tell the truth?

But that would take all the fun out of jury duty.

Freefall 1528

A call from the mayor


You're an artificial intelligence made by Ecosystems Unlimited, correct?


Mentally, do you function like the other robots around here?

Yes, that's why…


See? It's made out of carbon and proteins, but it's just a machine. Now do you feel less guilty about giving it orders?

I guess. Still, it seems so lifelike.

Freefall 1529

A call from the mayor


Do you want to go to Ecosystems Unlimited?


How does Sam profit from this?

I don't see how Sam can profit from this. He's more likely to profit from the situation that may develop if I don't go.

If I give you a direct order to hurt Sam, will you do it?


Told you it couldn't be that simple.

Freefall 1530

A call from the mayor


It's dinnertime. Let's wrap this up. Can we get this thing into Ecosystems Unlimited?

Blocked. Odd. Blocked again. Ah, here we go. Medical. I can get her in for a medical check.

Good enough. You. Direct order. Report to Ecosystems Unlimited tomorrow morning at eight.

So, Chinese sound good?

I believe in the Mayor's eyes, all artificial intelligence is created equal. Which explains why I feel like I've been treated as an equal to the toaster.

Сдаётся мне, что мэр и с людьми так обращается. (KALDYH)

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