Freefall 1431 - 1440
Freefall 1431

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

I must return to my job site before inventory is taken. Good bye, Ms. Ambrose.
Good bye, Abby. It was a pleasure meeting you.
I should check on my robe. Dvorak should be done washing it.
Assuming he hasn't caught it on fire, disintegrated it, or mutated it into a giant killer dishcloth.

Летающий робот из “Johnny Sokko and his flying robot”, известный, как “Giant Robo” © 1969

Freefall 1432

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

I'll admit that I'm worried. Rule based safeties can't stand up to full artificial consciousness.
I was raised by a good family. I've figured out ways around my safeguards and have still chosen to be moral.
Though every now and then I lie awake at night wondering if I've really chosen, or if I've just hit a second line of defense.

Megadeus of negotiator Roger Smith из мультсериала “The Big O” © 1999

Freefall 1433

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Do your

Noo Noo – разумный самоходный пылесос из Teletubbies © 2001
Не понял историю со шляпой О_о_О (Жирафик Рафик)
Погуляла по рукам разных роботов и только вернулась к Фло, как тут эта дебильная сосалка… (Robot Spike)
Но зачем она тогда отдаёт шляпу роботу О_о_О (Жирафик Рафик)

Freefall 1434

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Now I'll have to ask where Dvorak is. People without noses have no idea how rude it is to erase a scent trail in the middle of a stalk.

G.I.R. – робот-ассистент Invader Zim © 2001
Псовые теряют нюх в присутствии соединений аммиака (Robot Spike)
Да и человеку такое количество аммиака – как удар копытом по носу. Другое дело, что здесь нет людей, одни роботы, которые обоняния не имеют. И да, пылесос получил по заслугам :) (KALDYH)

Freefall 1435

A stop with Qwerty

Oh. Hello, Ms. Ambrose.
These guys would be more fun if they had a startle reflex.

Робот из зарисовки “A Grand Day Out” из Wallace and Gromit © 1994

Freefall 1436

A stop with Qwerty

I smell old smoke. There's been a fire.
A little one, yes.
Are you okay?
Yes. I was making an improvement to your robe and it suffered… collateral damage.
On the plus side, I now know it's fireproof first, then laminate.

Replicators из сериала Stargate, впервые появились в “Nemesis” © 2000

Freefall 1437

A stop with Qwerty

You destroyed my robe.
Technically I destroyed your owner's robe.
The way you're set up, you can't own anything… Did I turn on the exhaust fans?
Then I suggest we continue our conversation while running this way very fast.

Zeta появился во 2 сезоне Batman Beyond. Его дизайн более очеловечен в спин-оффе “The Zeta Project” © 2000

Freefall 1438

A stop with Qwerty

What are you doing that requires exhaust ventilation?
Well, I was working with some solvents when I noticed they were peeling the paint off the back wall.
So I said to myself, “Whoa! That can't be good for my insides!”
Let me rephrase. What were you doing NOW that requires exhaust ventilation?

Beast из The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab патрулирует помещения с белыми стенами, пока не сядут батареи. Тогда он с помощью оптики ищет на стенах черную розетку и подсоединяется специальным устройством. После зарядки продолжает патрулирование © 1960

Freefall 1439

A stop with Qwerty

Now? Oh! I made a bullet out of carbon fibers.
It can punch through plastic or thin aluminum and then fragments into a cloud of conductive carbon fibers. Takes out electronics in a jiffy. The problem is the carbon fibers are light enough to go airborne and go everywhere!
Poison. You've invented a robotic poison.
I didn't mean to! I was trying to come up with a fast way to stop runaway waffle irons and the idea just sort of popped out!

Elmer и Elsie (ELectro MEchanical Robots, Light Sensitive) построены W. Grey Walter. На них располагались сенсоры освещения, осязания, мотор и управление, два ламповых аналоговых компьютера. При простом дизайне они проявляли сложное поведение © 1948
А вот теперь мне стало страшно (Жирафик Рафик)

Freefall 1440

A stop with Qwerty

Have you told anyone about your carbon fiber bullets?
Information wants to be free!
Dvorak, these things are dangerous. The carbon can be cleaned off with an air hose and vacuum cleaner! It's a near perfect weapon for robots to mug other robots with!
And you just put that out on the net, didn't you?
Information wants to be free!

Electro произведён Westinghouse Electric Corporation в 1939 для Нью-Йоркской мировой выставки, был способен совершать 26 движений и реагировать на команды, поданные через микрофон. Его верный компаньон Sparko имел 2 мотора и мог служить, лаять и вилять хвостом

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