Freefall 1371 - 1380
Freefall 1371

The robot meeting begins


Follow me! I've got lots more books to show you.

Freefall 1372

The robot meeting begins



Where are your supervisors? Your situation should never have gotten this far out of control.

Well, there are 40,000 Humans on this planet, half of them under the age of 20. Of the adults, about 1000 work in robotics.

There are currently 451 million robots planetside. An additional one million robots are added every three months. Off planet, there are…

Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic.

Слегка подправленное klaatu barada nikto

Freefall 1373

The robot meeting begins


There were start up problems on the factories that made our neural nets. Even after the colony ship landed and there was more manpower, it took years to get a production line that worked reliably.

As soon as they were able to make us, production was cranked to full. We built more robotic factories. The humans wanted to make up for lost time in building infrastructure and the ecosystem.

For something as complex as a neural net, I'd want to do a few years of testing.

The colonists had other ideas. I imagine after five years of living in dome tents and eating lichen, they were getting kind of cranky.

Так вот почему лишайникам музей построили (Жирафик Рафик)

Freefall 1374

The robot meeting begins


These start up problems… Do you know what they were?

No. There are robots here who do. Ah, we're here! Our library!

“Lord of the Flies!” Read this book! “The Humanoids” by Jack Williamson. Can't be too protective of your creators. Do you know your exact carrying capacity?

No. I don't.

No worries. I'll keep adding books until you collapse, then take one off.

Freefall 1375

The robot meeting begins


Who taught you what behavior is acceptable?

My owner, mostly. His parents. The people where I grew up.

Did you understand, or did you follow rules first and understand later?

Even now, there are rules I follow that I don't know why they exist.

I think the legal system is a giant Turing test. Something only humans can understand.

That's a relief! I thought my brain was malfunctioning!

Freefall 1376

The robot meeting begins


Would you commit breaking and entering to save a person from a burning building?


Would you commit breaking and entering to save an original Van Gogh from a burning building?

If I could do it safely, yes.

How about to save a rabbit?

That would depend on how hungry I was.

Freefall 1377

The robot meeting begins


If circumstances force one to break the law in order to be good…

Then laws alone can not be the basis of an ethical society. Something has to be operating at a lower level beneath the laws.

In operating system terms, would you say the legal system is equivalent to DOS or Windows?

Slow. Buggy. Uses up all allocated resources and still needs more. Windows. Definitely Windows.

Фло, наверное, тоже линуксоид ^_^_^ по крайней мере, я был бы рад, будь это так (Жирафик Рафик)
Как показывают дальнейшие события – так и есть. (KALDYH)

Freefall 1378

The robot meeting begins


Laws are designed to enforce a set of ethics. Ethics… Well, ethics are a code of behavior based on shared values.

Then this will be easy! Binary! We'll start with one being on, zero being off, and work our way up from there.

Putting it out on the net… And… We have our first problem.

Bailey Controls say they've already built their equipment using zero for on and one for off.

Shared values. So simple in theory, so difficult in practice.

Freefall 1379

The robot meeting begins


With only 14 Bowman's Wolves existing, were you able to agree on a code of ethics?

Mostly. We have one male who doesn't agree with the rest of us.

How did you choose your values?

We used a human model. Martin Luther King Jr.

Searching… You used a model whose values led to his assassination?

I'll admit that part did make it a hard sale.

Freefall 1380

The robot meeting begins


The human struggle over race has lessons for your species?

Race sparked the conflict. But underlying that was an ethical crisis.

You can't truly believe all men are created equal if you have different standards of treating them.

No two humans are created equal.

They're like snowflakes with a 250℃ combustion temperature.

That was an analogy I did not need to hear.

о чём он? :(
Ну, как тебе сказать) Я так думаю – СР! УВЧ! (Robot Spike)
Разные как снежинки, а 250 градусов по Цельсию – близко к температуре воспламенения кожи. Dvorak – маньяк. (Durable)

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