Freefall h0130
Freefall 1301



Here's Sam's scent. He's easy to pick out. Lots of oil and lubricants. Nickel wasn't the first robot disassembled here.

The robots we're after went this way. Strong scent. Lots of alley smell on their feet.

With your nose on the job, there's no way they'll escape us!


Freefall 1302



Now what?

We look at bus schedules. Nickel was attacked about one A.M.

Only route five runs all night. Routes 22 and 59 stopped at ten P.M.

I would not have thought to check the schedules.

No worries, Sawtooth. Knowledge of buses comes more naturally to people small enough to fit inside them.

Freefall 1303



Third stop on the route. Find something?

Two sets of footsmells. They got off the bus here. They also got back on.

This might be where they store the robot parts they take.

If we're lucky, we'll have Nickel's hips and legs back to him today.

I hope so. It's always a happy occasion to see two halves of a person get back together.

Freefall 1304



A distribution center.

Using Whitton trucks. Interesting.


Automated. There's no people here, only machines.

For you, this must be like being in a building full of monkeys.

On the electronic communication level, there is much screaming here and flinging of poo.

Freefall 1305



Damaged shipping containers.

Disembodied transponders!

Add a power supply to these and robots would see things that aren't there.

I bet that's how a lot of our ghost stories got started.

Freefall 1306



These are all for Earhart probes. Only one box is damaged. This transponder was taken out and put back.

How can you tell?

Styrofoam packing. The anti-static bag is intact and there are styrofoam bits inside the bag.

You're not bad at this robot detective stuff.

Troubleshooting equipment and detective work have a lot in common. Though I can't say for sure which one we're doing now.

Freefall 1307



Here we go. the truck's error log. 21:56 Transponder failure. 02:23 Transponder failure clear.

Exactly what would be shown if the transponder was removed and put back.

You're familiar with error logs?

I'm a construction robot. We're required to know basic First Aid.

Freefall 1308



Why didn't they take two Earhart transponders? They only took the one from the damaged box .. One of the robots works here!

Nickel's parts will be on the loading dock! We need to hurry if we're going to find out where they're being sent!

I wonder if they make leashes for people who need to keep up with a doggy mentally?


Freefall 1309



How do you know..

The robots we're after know too much about this place to have just walked in. They knew the transponders were here.

They risked getting a bad transponder rather than open new boxes. They took one from the truck. Either they knew how the damaged box was inventoried or they have a strong inhibition against harming boxes in their care.

Funny how things always seem so obvious after someone else has figured them out.

Freefall 1310



*snuff* This is the box. It's addressed to the scrap yard.

I know the scrap yard robot. He wouldn't be involved in something like this.

Not all robots are local. Would a robot that was junked in the field be shipped to the scrap yard?

You're right! He wouldn't think twice about finding a body in his mailbox!

You guys might want to get a little more suspicious about things like that.

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