Freefall h0122
Freefall 1221

Tail chasing and fish catching


We could keep that boat? Legally?

We'll be returning the boat to its owner. What's legal isn't always what's right.

And since the same lawyers make the laws, it stands to reason what's right isn't always legal.

Umm… Yes. There are situations where that is true.

So… Do you break any laws?

Leash laws. Do I need to say more?

Freefall 1222

Tail chasing and fish catching


Interesting. My nice, honest , ethical engineer doesn't believe in blindly following laws. I can work with this.


She also doesn't seem to understand what a dangerous combination that is. The human legal system can be very hard on idealists like us. Good thing we linked up when we did.

One day she's going to look back and realize that I showed up before any real trouble began.

Freefall 1223

Tail chasing and fish catching


We have permission to move the boat.

You must have hit it off with the owner. You were talking a long time.

It took a while to convince him I was real. He'd never seen a Bowman's Wolf before.

I imagine you run into the same problem.

More the opposite. People know I'm real, they just wish I wasn't.

Freefall 1224

Tail chasing and fish catching


Need help getting in the boat?

Certainly not. I'm a natural sailor.

My species were swimming the seas when you earth types were still sitting around in stone huts scribbling calculus equations with graphite sticks.

So, if I succumb to wolf instincts and pull on the limb of an obviously distressed animal, you'd understand.


Freefall 1225

Tail chasing and fish catching


What are you doing? We're floating. There are no warning lights. Let's go!

We were swamped. I want to check the motor compartment.

Warning lights are fine, but you want to use your eyes, ears, and nose as well.

Florence, you are being too cautious. This is a boat. It's got important safety features a space ship doesn't have, like the ability to jump overboard.

Freefall 1226

Tail chasing and fish catching


All the seals held. No water in the oil. No excess oil or vapors in the motor compartment.

Do you really think I'm too cautious?

If you don't fail occasionally, you're not pushing your boundaries.

I do try to avoid failures that could end in fiery explosions.

Which is why I know more about self extinguishing techniques than you ever will.

We're good to go.

Freefall 1227

Tail chasing and fish catching


Part of the reason I've been so cautious is you've never told me what you want.

What? Right now?

No. I mean long term. Where do you want to be in five years?

Where do I want to be or where do I expect to be?

Is there a difference?

One involves beaches and tropical drinks, the other involves screaming and running for my life.

Freefall 1228

Tail chasing and fish catching


Where do I want to be in five years? Rich and famous.

Yes. As plans go, that sounds like a good one. Become rich and famous.

Okay, I've done the hard work of coming up with the idea. You can handle the easy bit of working out the details.

Freefall 1229

Tail chasing and fish catching


Riches and fame. It's… workable. Not a goal I'd have chosen.

What could be better than wealth and fame?

Family. Friends. Being of service to your community.

Those things don't pay.

There are more important things than money.

See? It's that attitude that will keep you from ever rising high enough in a company to loot the pension fund.

Freefall 1230

Tail chasing and fish catching


I suppose you have your next five years planned out.

I did.

I was going to a research station two systems out from here. We were going to work on developing the next generation of starship drives.

Ah well. Different planet. Different opportunities. I just need to keep my eyes open and remain flexible.

I can give you lessons on the flexible part. First, you need to lose that internal skeleton.

Мне кажется, Сэм ещё до начала комикса одним махом нагадил человечеству больше, чем всеми остальными деяниями
Двигатели и без неё рано или поздно разработают. Полагаю в этом случае Сэм оказал человечеству услугу.

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