Freefall h0121
Freefall 1211

Tail chasing and fish catching


Florence, you killed and ate a deer. Why do you care what happens to a worm?

That was a quick kill. Worms are impaled on a hook and left to suffer.

Well, if that's what's bothering you, no problem. Hot coffee, thermal shock, quick kill, no suffering.

Worm Mocha isn't bad either.

Freefall 1212

Tail chasing and fish catching


I bought that man another cup of coffee.

You shouldn't give to panhandlers like that.

He wasn't panhandling! You took his coffee to pour on the worms!

He should be honored. Close encounter of the third kind. Alien abduction of coffee.

I suppose I should be grateful you don't try to abduct cows.

Never again. Those things may look calm and placid, but boy, can they bite!

Контакт третьего рода: Психофизическое воздействие разведывательных лабораторий внеземных цивилизаций на живую природу и технические средства (уфология).

Freefall 1213

Tail chasing and fish catching


Ah, the great semi-terraformed outdoors. It's good to leave civilization behind and get in touch with artificially created nature.

A cup of Mocha worms for bait, a genetically engineered canine by my side, and nothing but the squeaking of my environment suit to break the silence.

Some day, there'll be real nature here. Meadows. Birds. Forests growing wild.

Which is why we have to enjoy it now. Too much nature and I'll be back inside.

Freefall 1214

Tail chasing and fish catching


Is that sun right? It looks like it's mid-afternoon.

It is mid-afternoon. It's about three.

You were asleep when I got up, and I didn't get up until after noon.

Must make you proud, knowing your captain can out sleep any man alive.

Well, I know that you'll never make a poor decision due to lack of rest.

Freefall 1215

Tail chasing and fish catching


Here's the bay I was talking about. There's the boat.

It looks swamped.

What was your plan to get it?

You're an engineer. What's a good bait for boats?

Let's hope it's Mocha worms because that's all we've got.

Freefall 1216

Tail chasing and fish catching


A perfect cast. When the hook sinks down, we'll be able to reel in the boat.

Unless a fish takes the hook.


Freefall 1217

Tail chasing and fish catching


Okay, that first cast was unlucky. And the second. And the third, fourth, and fifth.

This time, no hook. I tied a little rock on the end of the string.

We are having a run of bad luck, aren't we?


Freefall 1218

Tail chasing and fish catching


The fishing pole isn't working. No worries. I downloaded the documents used by major corporations to solve their problems.

Step one: Determine if there is a problem. Step two: Determine in whose area the problem lies. Step three: have a meeting.

This water doesn't look too deep.

I'll wade out and pull the boat to shore.

Hey! You can't fix the problem now! Problem solving is in step seven and we're still on step two!

Freefall 1219

Tail chasing and fish catching


Ah, an excellent boat. Other than being full of water and resting on the bottom, most seaworthy.

I shall rule the waves. This shall be the start of my vast naval armada. Once you get it floating, cleaned up, and back in working condition.

Of course you'll have to stay ashore. Women are bad luck on boats.

I wonder if there's a harpoon in here? I could show you which end the squid goes on.

Freefall 1220

Tail chasing and fish catching


The boat is in good shape. Bilge pump strainer was clogged. We'll have it floating in no time.

I'll call the owner and let him know we're bringing it to the marina.

I suppose that would be the right thing to do.

I'm proud of you, Sam. Legally, we probably could have claimed this boat as salvage.

[!1.4]HANG UP!

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