Freefall h0119
Freefall 1191



Florence was interested in how we were coming up with ideas like our birds.

She wants to come to tomorrow's meeting.

Does she know we discuss religion there?

It shouldn't be a problem. So far, cooler heads have prevailed.

Only because we've been bolting heat sinks to them.

Freefall 1192



So, should we bring Florence to the meeting tomorrow?

You know the rules. Any artificial intelligence who asks to come may attend.

We'll be in an enclosed area. I should stick on some air fresheners.

Are you still worried about when your shoulder motors burned up?

I just don't want her being offended by my body odor.

She's an engineer. I'm sure she's smelt lots of people who have been on fire before.

Freefall 1193



Florence should provide some unique insights. She's the only A.I. I know who's had a childhood.

I wonder if she was given any advice on how to deal with her own kind.

I hope so. The only guideline we were given for dealing with other robots was “Protect your own existence.”

And as we discovered the hard way, that is NOT the first thought you want going through a robot's mind when he discovers the facilities building his replacement. Especially if that robot's designed to toss asteroids.

Freefall 1194

Saturday morning


It's been a long time since I've been out this late. Beekay is going to go crazy when I walk in that door.


Catatonic. That's a type of crazy.

Кататония, или кататонический ступор, который характеризуется двигательной заторможенностью, молчанием, мышечной гипотонией. В скованном состоянии больные могут находиться в течение нескольких недель и даже месяцев. Нарушены все виды деятельности, в том числе инстинктивная. (БТРкО)

Freefall 1195

Saturday morning


I was out with Florence tonight. At the end, she almost kissed me.

I'm not sure what to think about that. What's your opinion, Beekay? Is it all right for different species to kiss?

BLEAH! You are the wrong person to ask!

Freefall 1196

Saturday morning


I do like Florence. She's easy to talk to. She's smart. She didn't freak out when I told her I work with parasites.

But what kind of future could we have? We're different species. Legally she's not even considered a person. She's property. She has an owner.

A relationship should have an equal sharing of power. How possible is that when one of the partners comes with a sales receipt?

Freefall 1197

Saturday morning


What would be best for Florence would be a male Bowman's Wolf. Too bad there's only three of them. Going that route, she's probably going to spend her life alone.

Not that I'm in much better shape. More men than women came over on the colony ship. The planet's 65% male. I'm likely to live my life alone as well.

'Course, if we're both destined to live our lives alone, there's no reason why we can't do it together.

Freefall 1198

Saturday morning


Anyhow. I'll be seeing Florence again this Wednesday.


Oh, don't worry. We're just friends. I'm not going to care for you any less. You're a great pet. It's just that every now and then, I need something more.

You know. Someone I can talk to.


Freefall 1199

Saturday morning


You've had breakfast. You've been out, now I'm going to bed.

You guard the place while I'm sleeping, okay?

Not sure how effective Beekay is against burglars, but any squeaky toy that breaks in here is looking at a world of hurt.

Freefall 1200

Tail chasing and fish catching


Wake up aerobics are done. Time to get dressed and get to work.

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