Freefall 1101 - 1110
Freefall 1101

At the museum


The museum of Earth history. We'll go in through the roof. It's the easiest way in.

It might be the most common way for crooks to enter, but I'm not sure about easiest.

Sure it is. This building operates with government funding.

Once it was shown that most burglars come in through the roof, equal opportunity laws forced them to put in handicapped access.

Freefall 1102

At the museum


Success! We're in and we didn't have to pay admission.

Freefall 1103

At the museum


Wow! Sam! Look at the size of those things!

Hard to believe giants like this once existed on earth.

They're as big as houses!

Yet today their brains would fit inside of a walnut.

Let's keep going, Helix. We can come back and see the dinosaurs later.


ENIAC, EDSAC – первые ламповые компьютеры, построенные в конце 1940-х годов

Freefall 1104

At the museum


Hey! It's a diorama showing the first human landing on my planet. What an awesome moment!

For centuries, humans had been searching for another intelligent, tool using race. Then they found us. I still remember that cosmonaut's first immortal words.

“Let's keep looking.”

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Freefall 1105

At the museum


Does it bother you that humans consider your race a disappointment?

They were a disappointment to us, too!

We don't have space ships. We didn't know about microgravity or how things float about if not secured.

When we finally got into their landing craft and found everything locked up and bolted to the floor, we thought humans were a lot more like us than they really were.

Freefall 1106

At the museum


We need to return the Star Wars disk to that stand.

This will be a tough job. We've got to be sly. Any errors and we could end up like the Jedi, beaten senseless by a pair of Sithies.

I put the disk back.

Helix, it's bad form to complete a job while I'm still talking about how difficult it's going to be.

Freefall 1107

At the museum


Okay. The disk's been returned and you've looked at the dinosaurs again. Now let's get out of here.

I can go out the front door, back up to the roof, and retie it.

I'm not trusting your knots after that. We'll both go so I can be sure our escape route is tied off properly

Freefall 1108

At the museum


It's a good thing we weren't trying to steal anything. Museum security is on to us. We're going to be stuck here for hours.

A trap only needs to slow you down enough to be caught. Pits, quicksand, Poll takers. I was looking for traps for me. I didn't think they'd be sneaky enough to set a trap for Helix.

And for Helix, the most effective trap is a gift shop filled with stuffed animals.

Freefall 1109

After dinner


Rene Descartes, Philosophy. Blaise Pascal, Pressure and the first mechanical calculator.

Louis Pasteur, Germ theory and using weakened strains to make vaccines.

They did quite a bit, didn't they?

Artists, engineers, scientists, explorers.

Yet when I think of the French, I think of cooking.

Me too. Probably because I remember a good meal more fondly than my last series of inoculations.

Freefall 1110

After dinner


Do you want dessert?

No, thank you. I'll be right back. I need to… powder my nose.

I really just need a moment of privacy. I can eat fine in public, but there's no dignified way to lap water out of a bowl.

It's not easy to talk about either. Whenever I say I'm going to the bathroom to get a drink, people always get the wrong idea.

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