Freefall 1071 - 1080
Freefall 1071

Honest Sam


A veterinarian is a doctor, right?

For animals, yes.



It didn't seem right to have a baby delivering a doctor without a police escort.

Freefall 1072

Dropping off Winston


We're lucky. That's Florence across the street.

Doc, please keep your feet and torso inside the vehicle until we come to a complete stop.

Hi, Flo. We found your doctor. We need to go before the police catch up. You guys have fun.

After that ride, having dinner with a talking wolf is going to seem positively normal.


Freefall 1073

Dropping off Winston


Hello, Winston. I'm glad you could come.


I didn't know Wolves hugged.

What? I was raised by humans. Did you think I was going to sniff you?

A hug avoids all that by puffing the shirt scents out the neckline and directly into my nose.

Freefall 1074

Dropping off Winston


You're looking better now. How is your leg?

Not bad. Still hurts now and then.

How are your legs? Your feet are squeaking.

Fine. You're hearing my plastic shoe covers.

They're interesting. It sounds like your boots are full of rodents.

Let's find a locker for these unintentional squeak toys. Otherwise, I'm going to spend the entire evening going “Hello? My face is up here.”

Freefall 1075

Dropping off Winston


I just remembered. I owe you a new shirt. We can take care of that now.

You don't like my shirt?

[!0.7]Cyber Rap and

[!0.7]The Digital Symphony Orchestra

I like it. It's just where we're going… let me buy you a new shirt.


I know this much about fashion. When a dog's embarrassed to be seen with you, it's time to change clothes.

Freefall 1076

Dropping off Winston


How's this shirt for color?

Okay. What restaurant are we going to?

Our reservations are at “Le Restaurant Des Ninjas”.

[!0.7]Cyber Rap and

[!0.7]The Digital Symphony Orchestra

We're going to a restaurant run by ninjas?

FRENCH ninjas. There's a difference.

Freefall 1077

Dropping off Winston


Years ago, there was a split among the french chefs. Those who felt the waiter was part of the dining experience, and those who felt they distracted from the meal.

French ninjas are from the second school. The food is the main attraction. The waiter's goal is to provide excellent service while being so unobtrusive as to be effectively invisible.

So these aren't the ones who throw those metal stars?

Baguettes. And only if you forget to tip.

Freefall 1078

Dropping off Winston


I've got to ask. Why are you bringing a pretzel to a restaurant?

It's… an adaptation. Wolves determine social status by when you're allowed to eat.

If I eat something before going into a restaurant, then I've eaten FIRST. I can wait for a table and watch other people eat without it bothering me.

Ego food. So you don't feel like lowest ranking pack member.

Not quite. I still feel like an Alpha. But it suppresses the urge to chase all the other customers away from their meals until mine arrives.

Freefall 1079

Dropping off Winston


Le Restaurant Des Ninjas

Dead end. Maybe we took a wrong turn?

Impressive. They hid the entire restaurant.

I'm told ninja accountants can hide even bigger things.

Freefall 1080

Dropping off Winston


There's a note telling us how to get to our table.

Are we even going to see a waiter?

Sphyrna zygaena
No jumping

Probably not. French ninjas are very stealthy and completely silent.

French… completely silent…

You don't suppose these guys might also be mimes?

Now, now. No need to panic. I'm sure they're only ninjas.

Sphyrna zygaena
Jumping the shark

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