Freefall 1061 - 1070
Freefall 1061

Honest Sam


Okay. It's going to take some work, but I can be honest. Watch as I return this man's billfold.

Hey, Mister! Catch!

Ohhh! Ouch! He's down! You knocked him out!

Honesty has taken us from a simple pick pocketing to assault with a deadly wallet.

New father. It was full of baby pictures. how was I to know?

Freefall 1062

Honest Sam


I've called a doctor.

Then let's go. This guy could wake up and start showing us baby pictures at any moment.

Vehicle keys? Well, we certainly don't want a new father with head trauma driving.

I don't want to be honest any more! We've gone from pick pocketing to assault to grand theft auto.

And the night is still young.

Freefall 1063

Honest Sam


Even for a new father, this vehicle is a bit much.

Sam, there are people with sticks headed our way.

Do you think they found the man we knocked out, or do you think they want to beat us for completely unrelated reasons?

Helix, there are times to think and times to run. I survive because given the choice, I never take time to think.

Freefall 1064

Honest Sam



*sniff* I can smell fish. Rice. Smells of cooking. The restaurant is this way.

Oh sure. I could use a map. But if I don't get to take down my own food, I should at least get the fun of tracking it.


Freefall 1065

Honest Sam


We need to get out of the spaceport or we're going to get caught. This baby moves at a crawl.

Take the wheel. I'm going to make it harder for the police to know this is the vehicle they're after.

Okay. We're set. I've pushed the diaper back so you can't read the license plate any more.

Freefall 1066

Honest Sam


There are many hazards when driving after a major storm.

Bad pavement. Wet roads. Debris on the road.

No road.

Freefall 1067

Honest Sam


Getting out is going easier than I expected.

Well, it helps to know where the delivery tunnel is.

[!1.8] A[/] Section

We'd have gotten more scrutiny if we had to leave via C Section.

Sam, problem ahead.

The road is missing.

Right. Let's get out of here before someone blames us.

Freefall 1068

Honest Sam


Hello! Captain Sam!

Hey, you're Florence's veterinarian. I recognize your shiny head.

Yes. The water's too deep for my truck. Can I get a ride from you to the spaceport?

You willingly want into a vehicle I'M driving?

Sam, we're not supposed to pick up hitchhikers, especially suicidal ones.

Freefall 1069

Honest Sam


Helix, this hitchhiker isn't suicidal.

Neither was the other one at first.

Helix worries about your safety too much, Doc. Hop in.

Remember, if I suddenly throw you from the vehicle, it will be for your own good.

Guys, I don't need a lift all the way to the spaceport. Just get me across the river and I can walk from there.

Freefall 1070

Honest Sam


By the way, congratulations.

Congratulations? For what?

You're driving the Baby Mobile. It's an announcement that you're done with genetic colonists and have had your first baby that's your own.

So that's why people are panicking. I thought it was my driving.

I still say it's your driving.

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