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Freefall h0105
Freefall 1051

Smells like dinner with Winston

I'm too far behind the others. Good! Now I can quit this silly chase and go home because I have effectively no chance of reaching Florence first.
Unless, of course, the person you're chasing happens to double back.
Freefall 1052

Smells like dinner with Winston

Why are you chasing me?
You have a seeker message from Winston. Any comm-net connected device that recognizes you is programmed to try to deliver it.
And when this message is delivered, you guys will stop chasing me?
Then please give me the message. Quickly!
Perhaps it would be the safest if this message is delivered on the run?
Freefall 1053

Smells like dinner with Winston

Ms.? We really should run now.
We're not running. [!1.5]STOP!
They're not stopping.
Must be people. Automatons can think and run at the same time.

Нео, останавливающий пули

Freefall 1054

Smells like dinner with Winston

We're not automatons. We can think.
But that's her point. By being able to recognize her as an intelligent non-human…
…we haven't been applying the safeguards we would use when interacting with humans.
Our intelligence has made us more dangerous to her than if we WERE automatons.
Excuse me? Could I please get my message from someone?
Shhh! We're discussing how to be more responsive to you.
Freefall 1055

Smells like dinner with Winston

Sam = non-human. Florence = non-human. Sam ≠ Florence.
Yes, but with only one sample of each, we can't tell if they are typical for their species.
These are some complex thoughts for a mechanical mind.
Though there are times when simplicity is appreciated.
Seeker message for Florence Ambrose. Press “P” to play.
Freefall 1056

Smells like dinner with Winston

Agreed. We will voluntarily apply human safeguards to the Bowman's Wolf.
Now let's give her the seeker message.
Message complete. Would you like to reply?
Why does it seem the faster our processors get, the slower our response times are?
Maybe we should download that new twenty terabyte patch to our operating systems?

Не знаю когда нарисован стрип, но довольно недавно для ОС Linux вышел “200 строчный патч”, повышающий отзывчивость системы для пользователя, но реально не ускоряющий ничего. В этом есть какая-то доля шутки. (БТРкО)
Стрип был нарисован в 2004 году. Патч ускорял работу ядра, насколько мне известно, для рядового пользователя это и не должно быть заметно, однако, должно было быть заметно на крупных серверах и суперкомпьютерах (Жирафик Рафик)

Freefall 1057

Smells like dinner with Winston

I got my message from the net.
Sorry. We'll do better next time. We've decided to work co-operatively.
Working together, we can ALL get the “message delivered” flag.
Think robotic chorus line.
Or quartette, depending on how many of us are around.
But I can't sing very well.
Then don't modulate, just do the carrier wave.
Freefall 1058

Smells like dinner with Winston

This has been an interesting walk. Winston's been delayed, so he's having an unusual time getting to the restaurant as well.
In a way, it's a good thing. Perhaps having a quiet dinner with a talking wolf will seem normal by comparison.

Лень замазывать аккуратно -_- В таких случаях проще вставлять подфотошопленный кусочек. Наклейки могут нести в себе не только текст, но и картинки (Robot Spike)

NA{ked} FO{xes}

Freefall 1059

Smells like dinner with Winston

Train, departing. Train, departing.
Uh, oh. I startled these people by running in here. Okay, no sudden moves, sit down, big smile while being careful not to show any teeth.
Above all, try not to scare them.
Freefall 1060

Honest Sam

Helix, It's obvious being honest is where the big money is.
From now on, we're going to be honest businessmen. “Honest Sam” is what they'll call me.
You've got somebody's wallet again.
This could be a problem. I have no idea how that got there.

Пейнтбол с белым медведем и его перевод

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