Freefall 1031 - 1040
Freefall 1031

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Florence should come with us. She has some of our money. It's only fair she should spend it on us.

She's going to dinner with that Veterinarian Guy tonight.

Then she won't want to come with us. We need to educate her. That woman does not know how to have fun.

Why, I bet when tomorrow's headlines come out, she's not named in a single one of them.

Freefall 1032

Smells like dinner with Winston


I have 90 minutes until I meet Winston for dinner. That's 30 minutes to get ready, 30 to travel and 30 for anything unexpected.

The water smells different now. No matter how good the life support is, any small, closed system soon develops its own taste and smell.

It's kind of funny. Everyone else's ship stinks, but your own ship always smells like home.

Freefall 1033

Smells like dinner with Winston


Winston shouldn't be able to smell this water yet. It's hard to say. Humans don't test their sense of smell.

When we start having kids, we'll need to come up with a standard test. I don't know what we'll do if someone fails. Perhaps a small fan and filter?

I should stick to singing in the shower instead of thinking. Archimedes might have gotten away with running naked through the streets shouting “EUREKA!”. I would end up in the pound.

Freefall 1034

Smells like dinner with Winston


Couple of good shakes, towel off. New bandage for my leg. Brush some cinnamon into the fur.

Dress on. Shoes on. Done ahead of schedule. It's a throw back to my space station days, but it still feels good.

When you regularly practice explosive decompression drills, you don't want to be known as the one who's slow getting dressed to go out.

Freefall 1035

Smells like dinner with Winston


Ship, you contain items that could be dangerous to untrained humans. Do not allow anyone access unless they are emergency personnel or accompanied by a crew member.


I'll talk with Sam later. He may even be better than humans at spotting security holes.

Both his race and humans have a long history of gathering and protecting wealth. My ancestor's idea of high security was finding a good place to bury something.

Freefall 1036

Smells like dinner with Winston


There has been so much written on nature versus nurture.

I was raised by humans. My values are human. What I want is pretty much what any human woman my age would want.

And that is a bit of a problem.

[!1.2]Find your ideal mate

Freefall 1037

Smells like dinner with Winston


I need to lighten up. This isn't even a real date. It's to repay Winston for medical services provided.

We'll have dinner. Talk. Get to know each other better. Winston's a veterinarian. So that may make things go smoother.


For instance, I won't have to worry about him bringing chocolates. I know it's meant as a nice gesture, but chocolate is poisonous to canines, and really better suited as a “Breaking up” gift.


Не только шоколад – ещё свинина, лук и чеснок… Дальше гуглим (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1038

Smells like dinner with Winston


There goes the alarm clock. Six P.M. Time to get moving.

Hard to believe they once built clocks out of springs and gears and mechanical levers. They even built clockwork animals.

Though none as accurate as mine.

Freefall 1039

Smells like dinner with Winston


I can't go to a fancy restaurant wearing this T-shirt. I need to show some class.



[!1.2]Cyber Rap and

The Digital Symphony Orchestra

Freefall 1040

Smells like dinner with Winston


No need to shave. Wish I had eyebrows, though. Spacer genes.

[!1.2]Cyber Rap and

Mom and Dad were sure space was the future. I was given all the modifications. No hair. No bone loss in micro gravity. Slower cell division for increased radiation resistance.

And the only time I've been in space was my trip from home to here.

У Фло, меж тем, кости в невесомости тоже не атрофируются. Ещё одно сходство (Robot Spike)

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