Freefall h0099
Freefall 0991

Space Walkies!


I see the problem. Clamp is loose on the solenoid actuator. Give me a moment to get it back in its cradle.

Done. Ship, I'm clear of the pod. Open satellite pod twenty.

Pod twenty indicates it is opening.

Repairing satellite pods now? Florence, remind me to renegotiate our contract with Tex. I deserve a bonus for all your extra work.

Freefall 0992

Space Walkies!


Are you coming back in?

Not just yet. As long as I'm out here, I'm going to enjoy the view.

Can't resist sticking your head out of the vehicle?

Sort of. I want to see if I can see the star ship before it leaves.

Besides, there's a brand new moon being moved into place. I'm going to be the first wolf to howl at it.

Freefall 0993

Space Walkies!


You don't get a view like this in the atmosphere, though I know humans get more out of it than I do.

Their eyes are sharper, they see more colors, and more of their brain is dedicated to processing vision. For scent, the only input I get is from the confines of my own suit.

Strange that something I know is so big should smell so small.

Freefall 0994

Space Walkies!


Starship 0018: The Asimov

Ice cylinder: Mass: 85% Fuel, shielding, reaction mass.

Payload: Mass: 3%

Engines and support equipment: Mass: 12%

Florence has been staring at the Asimov for a long time. She must be sad, knowing it's going to leave without her. I wonder what she's thinking right now?

I can not get over how much that ship looks like a giant push up popsicle.

Freefall 0995

Space Walkies!


Enough time thinking about what might have been, I'm here now. Goodbye, Asimov. We'll meet again. Heh. Don't know where, don't know when.

But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.[/] Keep smiling through, just like you always do,

'til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.

Too bad I don't know the words to this one. A song's just not a song without a squid singing a cappella.

It's funny that this song was played while an atomic bomb exploding (БТРкО):

Freefall 0996

Space Walkies!


Outer airlock door closed. Moving suit into docking position.

Locking bar is down. I'm ready to come in. The life support pack will be cold, so use the protective gear I brought from the galley.

I'll put on the oven mitts, but that's it. I'm a man. The only way I'll wear a frilly apron is if it's made from duct tape.

Freefall 0997

Space Walkies!


Need some help getting out?

Yes, please.

I've learned politeness is important to Flo. She took Helix's arm off for doing this without permission.


Freefall 0998

Space Walkies!


Physics in micro gravity takes some getting used to, doesn't it?

If you want to avoid another lesson in physics, you'll let go of my tail.

Freefall 1000

Space Walkies!



Tell you what. If you never push my head into my chest again, I'll never pull your tail again.


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