Freefall 0981 - 0990
Freefall 0981

Space Walkies!


Where's your space suit?

It's on the docking ring in the airlock.

The suit has a single opening in the back. The cosmonaut gets in, life support pack goes on, and you're ready to go.

It's a solid, simple, Russian design. No bells. Only whistles. If you hear a whistle, it means your suit's leaking. Get back inside.

Freefall 0982

Space Walkies!


So this is your suit attached to the airlock.

Yes. The little hatch is sized to just fit over my life support pack. It's faster than using the entire lock and there's no need for air pumps.

Wow, Doggy doors on a space ship are really high tech.


Freefall 0983

Space Walkies!


First check. Seal the small hatch with the life support pack off. If the pressure drops, the suit has a leak.

Back up gage. If our airlock starts to pressurize, there's a leak.

What's my role in all this?

You're the safety man. You're my back up.

Uhm, Florence? If you're really interested in safety, you'll get someone else.

Freefall 0984

Space Walkies!


Thrust warning. Thrust in thirty seconds.

Helix could be your back up. Or the ship's computer.

You'll do fine, Sam. I trust you.

She's not letting me out of this. I can't foul up or I lose both Florence and the satellite money. I have to make sure she succeeds and stays safe.

Working with Florence is a learning experience. Until now, I didn't think it was possible for someone to force me into being trustworthy.

Freefall 0985

Space Walkies!


Are you okay? The ship announced it was going to thrust. Twice.

Yeah, I'm fine. Guess I got lost in thought and wasn't listening.

But you are listening to me, right?

Oh, definitely. You have a way of speaking that completely focuses my attention.

Freefall 0986

Space Walkies!


This is one ugly looking life support pack.

Space suits are designed for utility, not fashion. Not that the designers didn't try. They just realized it was a losing battle.

There's no way to wear one of these and not look fat.

Freefall 0987

Space Walkies!


Radio check. Are all hatches secured?

I can hear you. Everything's sealed up out here.

Understood. Undocking the suit.

Florence! That gage you said wasn't supposed to go down just went to zero!

That is normal, Sam.

Man, I have to learn this stuff. As captain of this ship, I shouldn't have to depend on a crewmember to tell me when to panic.

Freefall 0988

Space Walkies!


Outer airlock door is open. Tether attached. Moving vanity cover.

Vanity cover?

Yes. They're large easy to clean covers that fit over things. Occasionally you get a captain who's more interested in the equipment being shiny and clean than if it actually works.

I'm glad you're not that type of captain.

Well, not everyone can be the type of housekeeper I am. It takes years of neglect and a natural sense of entropy.

Freefall 0989

Space Walkies!


As safety man, what do I do?

If there's an emergency, you can close the cargo bay doors and repressurize the bay.

You could have done this without the suit?

Pressurizing the cargo bay would use almost all our air reserves.

What? I have to worry about conserving air now?

There are a few things you don't want to run out of on a space ship. Air is one of the biggies.

Freefall 0990

Space Walkies!


I'm at satellite twenty. Removing latch mechanism cover.

Please open the pod for satellite twenty.

Why? You know it's not going to work.

I want to know why it doesn't work.

I need to teach Florence my rapid repair techniques. She's wasting valuable time observing when she could be hitting it with a hammer.

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