Freefall 0931 - 0940
Freefall 0931

Yes, they're in space


I don't need guile for this. Florence can handle the truth.

I only took a piece of meat. If she gets mad, I can replace it. And she has all night on watch to cool down.

But the most important part in making a decision like this? There's a securely locked door between us.

Freefall 0932

Yes, they're in space



Yes. Are you mad?

Well… no. I guess not. I DID need to know where that meat went. In a closed environment, a lost piece of meat will rot and smell up the whole ship.

One rotting piece of meat can smell up the whole ship? I've discovered scavenger incense!

Freefall 0933

Yes, they're in space


Florence is taking the watch. Helix is going to sleep. After a busy day, now there's nothing to disturb me from a good night's rest.


Thrust warning. Thrust in thirty seconds. All hands make yourselves secure. Thrust in thirty seconds.

Freefall 0934

Yes, they're in space


Stupid speakers are going to keep me up all night.

Thrust in ten seconds.

There! Off! Now there's nothing to keep me from getting a good night's sleep.

Freefall 0935

Yes, they're in space


That's it! Where's my duct tape!?

I'm not getting clobbered by all my stuff falling off the air vent again!

I already know gravity is out to get me. It's not fair that lack of gravity should be equally painful.

Freefall 0936

Yes, they're in space


All loose items are secured. Now I can sleep the restful sleep of every handyman who goes to bed hoping the duct tape will hold.

Freefall 0937

Sam takes the watch


Helix! What are you doing? I'm trying to sleep!

Florence asked me to check on you.

Why, that petty, vindictive… All this over a piece of food! Helix, do you want to know the real reason why Florence sent you in here!?

Because you're an hour late for watch and not answering the intercom and she's worried about you?

Nothing ruins righteous anger quite so fast as finding out you're the one who's wrong.

Freefall 0938

Sam takes the watch


Helix has to be kidding me. It can't be morning already. Can it?

It can! It is! I'm beyond fashionably late! I have to rush now so Florence won't be standing my watch any longer than needed!

I'll only take an hour for breakfast instead of two.

Freefall 0939

Sam takes the watch


How are you staying on the floor, Helix?

I've got magnets in my feet.

You're still eating breakfast?

Yes. What did you expect? That you being here would help me go faster?

Oh! What a good idea! We'll have you ready for watch in no time with a Helix power assist!

Freefall 0940

Sam takes the watch


No need to sit. You can chew as we move to the bath room.

Wash, wash. Ohh, water floats! Don't breathe that! Now for a big squeeze.



Wash hands, we're done.

You're ready. To the cockpit! Incoming!

I am never going to be late for watch again.

Sam, everyone oversleeps now and then. It's no big deal.

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