Freefall 0921 - 0930
Freefall 0921

Yes, they're in space


What does midnight shift do?

Basically, you do communications and watch the computer while the rest of us sleep.

So, I'd be alone with the ship's computer. All night. With no witnesses around should something happen to me.

I can take the watch if you're worried about falling asleep.

Believe me, when I'm alone with that computer, I don't close my eyes for a second.

Freefall 0922

Yes, they're in space


It will be better for my health if I take day shift.

Okay, I'll take the midnight shift and relieve Helix after we eat.

Is there a reason we're using sun based cycles in space?

Ease of understanding. Circadian rhythms. But mostly, it's tradition.

That works. Humans have many fine traditions. I think I'm going to be particularly good at the naval tradition of oversleeping and relieving your shift late.

Freefall 0923

Yes, they're in space


I've seen people use chopsticks to eat before.

This is the first time I've seen someone use them to drink.

Freefall 0924

Yes, they're in space


It doesn't make much sense to me, but eating together must fill some kind of emotional need for her.

She has her emotional needs to fill, I have mine.

Freefall 0925

Yes, they're in space


I'm done. See you in the morning. I'm off to bed.

Wouldn't it have been easier to go over?

I never operate above when going under the table is an option.

Freefall 0926

Yes, they're in space


All my stuff is stuck on the vent. How am I supposed to snooze with my room like this?

Yet another use for duct tape. Micro gravity sleep aid.

Freefall 0927

Yes, they're in space


So it is possible to steal from Florence if I'm fast and careful enough.

At least, I think it's possible. She didn't see me take her food. Could she have smelled where it went? Her nose is pretty good.

This could ruin a good night's sleep, wondering if I've annoyed the person who controls my life support.

Freefall 0928

Yes, they're in space


Where did that lost piece of meat go? It should be on the vent.

Heh. Obvious. I was sitting next to Sam. Sam wears an environment suit. A loose piece of food would go right to the intake vent on his backpack.

Now to see Sam, and if I'm right, pay my respects to the deer again. Even after being killed once, cleaned, and cooked, it's still trying to escape.

Freefall 0929

Yes, they're in space


Sam, are you awake?

Uhm, no?

I lost a piece of food at dinner. I think you have it. May I come in?

As a thief, my plans are inspired. My execution, brilliant. The only teeny tiny flaw in my technique is that I keep getting caught.

Freefall 0930

Yes, they're in space


Florence figured out that I took her food. The wolf is at the door. Now what do I do?

I'll try talking my way out of this. I should be able to. I'm good, and I've got experience.

I mean, it's not like this is the first time I've had to negotiate with someone I've stolen from while duct taped to a chair.

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