Freefall 0861 - 0870
Freefall 0861

Calling Winston


Did you give the Inspector his watch back?


Then an angry mob formed and we ran but they got lost so we had to chase them and then they chased us and Sam fell down a manhole cover and the Inspector bought us ice cream and I got to feed mine to rats!

I'd ask what that's all about, but I'm afraid the full explanation would make us miss our launch window.

Freefall 0862



Captain, if you are ready, we have a launch window in forty minutes. Do you want to commit to that time?

Yes! That's great! I'm going into space again! In my own ship! With me flying it!

Was that Winston on the phone?

Yes. We're going out for dinner tomorrow.

Food! That's the key to canine loyalty! And with her starship still in orbit, every time Florence goes out increases my chances of getting caught! I have to stop this.

If my head hurts, it's because my brain was never designed to experience euphoria and desperation at the same time.

Freefall 0863



We'll let our cargo bay depressurize on the way up. Our air and pressure boundary will be the inner door here.

As a robot, I don't need air to survive.

Helix, how do your chips stay cool?

I've got fans that blow air through my… Oh! I DO need air to survive!

I'm glad you made me realize that now. I had a really funny practical joke planned.

Freefall 0864



Helix, space is a very unforgiving environment. Our first priority is to do this job safely. No jokes or monkey business, okay?


Now Sam has been in space before. I want you to follow him and learn. If he's doing something you don't understand, ask me and I'll explain it to you.

Cool, I get to be a mentor!

Wait a second. Am I a cool mentor, or did Florence just assign me a watchdog?

Freefall 0865



I'm going to clean the seal on the cargo bay door before we shut it. I'll be right back.

Why does she care about that now? We've done a pressure check.

We've been going in and out through there. If we left any debris on the seal, the door won't close properly. Common sense, really.

Most captains would be offended if their robots had more common sense than they did.

Hear that, Helix? Consider yourself lucky that you work for an easy going type like me.

Freefall 0866



Outer cargo bay door sealed. Inner doors sealed. We are ready for launch.

Captain, I know we have had our differences, but I would like to thank you for restoring me so that I can perform the function for which I was designed.

Next to savagely injuring you to where you are no longer able to perform your duties and are replaced by a proper human captain, it is my fondest desire come true.

Freefall 0867



Time for this medical collar to come off. Micro gravity will alter my condition enough to make any further recording useless.

A file now exists of my body's response to injury. I'll get copies sent to Winston and the star ship.

I understand the need to collect data from trauma victims so that you can form a medical baseline. But this is one database I'd rather be a recipient of than a contributor to.

Freefall 0868



The ship is sealed. Are you guys ready for flight?

I'm ready! What happened to your collar?

It was a medical recorder. I'm done with it now. I sent the file it made to Winston and the star ship.

You sent a file to the starship?

I've got to go to the bathroom!

Good idea. It will be easier for you to learn how the facilities work in micro gravity if you're not in desperate need to use them.

Freefall 0869



Florence sent a file to the star ship! This is bad! What I don't know is how bad.

Do humans cross reference each file they get? Or is it like the return address on an envelope that no one looks at? I don't know.

The thing is, we're about to go into space. I don't want to use up a panic over this when there might be something so much better to panic over later.

Freefall 0870



If Flo's messages have alerted someone in charge, there's still no time for anyone to get here and take her away before we launch.

Micro gravity operation. Warning: Vacuum

So best case is that no one notices. Worst case, I'm safe until we land. I can save this panic for something more immediate.

Though I wasn't expecting anything this immediate.

operation. Warning: Vacuum

Micro gravity operation. Warning: Vacuum

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