Freefall 0781 - 0790
Freefall 0781



Captain, there is an alternative to mutiny for removing you from duty.

Medical leave. If you allow me to injure you to the point where you require mechanical assistance to breathe, you will not be expected to carry out the duties of captaincy.

You're always so helpful when it comes to ideas that would cause me pain.

Thank you, captain. It is an area I hope to excel in.

Freefall 0782



I need to talk to Helix. Ship, where is he?

Helix is working under my direction in the cargo bay.

I am telling him where to put the satellites for a balanced load. Helix is picking up heavy things, moving them, then putting them down. We are getting a lot of work done.

I'm the one who tells Helix what to do! Work's not going to happen while I'm around!

Captain, your amazing decisions almost allow my programming to support your mutiny.

Freefall 0783



Helix, I want you to put that satellite down right now!

Sam! You and the ship are starting to think alike! You both gave me the exact same order at the exact same time!

Freefall 0784



Helix, I don't want you following directions from the ship without first checking with me. The ship doesn't like me.

Okay, but I wouldn't follow any orders that I know would hurt you.

Yes, but this ship is tricky. It might tell you to do things that wouldn't hurt me, but would definitely annoy me.

Oh, you mean like filling all your coffee cups with leeches?

That had better be a hypothetical question.

Freefall 0785



Helix, I came here because I need your help in my mutiny.


Yea! I get to be the captain!

No, Helix, no! I only want to have to do this mutiny once!

Freefall 0786



Mutiny! I get to be the captain! I'll get my stick.

Helix, the captain is responsible for everything that happens on the ship, including the actions of the crew.

So… if I become captain… I will be responsible for your actions…

I hastily withdraw my nomination for captaincy!

You don't have to sound so horrified about it.

Freefall 0787



The plan is simple. We mutiny and make Florence the captain.

She can't be captain. She's first generation.

Because of possible system bugs, first generation A.I.'s can only be in supervised positions. Florence can't legally be captain.

Helix, it's a mutiny! By it's very nature, it's illegal!

Mutiny might be illegal, but it still doesn't count unless you follow the rules.

Freefall 0788



This is annoying. Not even Helix will help in my mutiny to overthrow me.

Florence says the captain is responsible for everything that happens on his ship. I have to admit it. This lack of mutiny is my fault.

I've done too awesome a job as captain. None of the crew wants anyone in this position but me.

Freefall 0789

The inspector cometh


There you are. Our leakage test was good. I have an inspector coming over to look at the ship.

An inspector? Is he important?

Without his certification, we don't fly. Sign here, please.

Got it. Treat him like gold. I'll be glad when we start having normal people over.

And by that, I mean people I can cheat, lie to, and swindle.

Freefall 0790

The inspector cometh


An inspector. Hmm. Florence is going to show up being here on an official record. This could be a problem.

Nuts. It's already a problem. I didn't worry when I thought I could put Florence back where she came from. She's already on record at the vet's, the mall, even here at the space port.

This is very much like becoming aware you're in the path of a freight train after it's already run over your foot.

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