Freefall 0741 - 0750
Freefall 0741

Satellite delivery


You can't hide under that box forever.

I don't have to. You have a schedule to keep. Even now, you're falling behind in your deliveries.

You're right. And I can't hit the box and damage my delivery. I should have run over you, THEN dropped the box on you.

I don't suppose you'd like to buy something from the mall so I can come back tomorrow? I'll let you use my employee discount.

A tempting offer, but no.


Freefall 0742

Satellite delivery


Okay. Let's see what we've got.

Sigh. I can see that we're going to have to go with Florence when she goes shopping.

I mean, look at this. Not only is it too small for me, It's not even my color.

Freefall 0743

Dress to kilt


I think these clothes are for Florence.

Ridiculous. Florence already has clothes. These must be for me.

But this is a dress! Florence wouldn't buy you a dress.

Helix, of course Florence wouldn't buy me a dress.

When a man wears it, it's called a kilt.

Freefall 0744

Dress to kilt


Here's why the box is so big. This is all the stuff Florence had made locally when she got off the star ship. Tools, equipment, and two space suits.

Terran space suits! You'd suffocate if you tried to wear them. Still think this box is for you?

Well, with that information, it would require some pretty fantastic leaps of logic to justify it as being mine.

But to get free stuff, those are leaps I'm willing to make!

Freefall 0745

Dress to kilt


All we have to do is hide this box before Florence gets back.

Then later, we'll sell the stuff and keep the money.

Though I'm beginning to suspect you are not in agreement with me on this.

Freefall 0746

Dress to kilt


Florence is part of the crew. You don't steal from the crew.

Florence is not part of the crew. Someone like her isn't going to stay with people like us. She's a temp! Why shouldn't I steal from her?

If you do, I will beat you with this stick.

A monosyllabic, but surprisingly effective argument.

Freefall 0747

Dress to kilt


Helix, the key to being a good scavenger is keeping your eyes open and taking anything you find unattended.

Hi guys! I'm home!

Hi, Florence! A box of stuff arrived for you!

So part of being a good scavenger is giving up the prize the moment a predator shows up to claim it?

You can't be a good scavenger if you're a dead scavenger, Helix.

Freefall 0748

Dress to kilt


Welcome back. Did you get what you needed?

Yes. I see the satellites have arrived. We'll need to get those secured.

Why did my box need to be opened?

Uhmmm… Standard shipboard procedure. The captain has to inspect all on coming packages and confiscate any inappropriate items.

I'm happy to report none of your items were confiscated.

Yes. We still need to talk about that.

Freefall 0749

Dress to kilt


I need to change into my work clothes. Then we can get the explosive bolts installed.

That's okay. I need a couple of minutes to talk to Helix.

Is it about Florence becoming part of the crew?

Wait. [!0.8]Florence how good is your hearing?


Let's talk about this outside.

Freefall 0750

Dress to kilt


Helix, we're just going to talk. You don't need to bring that stick.

But you're better at talking than I am.

When you talk, sometimes I get confused. My ideas of what's right and wrong get mixed up. That's why I'm bringing this.

As soon as I start thinking it's all right to steal from our employees, I'm going to start hitting you with the stick.

It's reasoning like that why you're not allowed in corporate board rooms any more.

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