Freefall 0661 - 0670
Freefall 0661

Meet the kids


Why did they chose a wolf to make you? Wouldn't a chimp have been easier?

They… had some problems. Chimpanzees weren't good at understanding the feelings or needs of others. They got upset when contradicted and would scream and throw dung at people when it occurred.

Why would anyone want to manufacture a race of sociopaths?

Well, those traits did make them surprisingly good C.E.O.'s.

Freefall 0662

Arrival at the mall


I've never heard of enhanced chimpanzees.

I'm not surprised. They were made almost a hundred years ago. They were dangerous and never allowed outside the lab except in a controlled environment.

You're not in a lab or a controlled environment.

I'm supposed to be. Ecosystems Unlimited never meant for us to be released to the public.

Somebody made a mistake?

Yes, and we intend to make sure it's a mistake they can be proud of.

Намёк на “Планету обезьян”? (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0663

Arrival at the mall


I think canines were chosen because we're about the same size as you. Medical and food for dogs is already in place. And we're socially compatible.

What's it like walking around with the people who made you? Are we like gods to you?

You'll have to excuse me if I don't hold humans in quite that state of reverence.

Камео из Церкви отравленного разума

Freefall 0664

Arrival at the mall


This is our stop. Before we go any further, I need to ask you a question.

Have you been engineered with any safeguards against harming humans?

Is that important right now?

Of course it's important. We're going shopping! I need to know if you can bite, gouge, and kick with the rest of us.

Freefall 0665

Arrival at the mall


My species has been certified by Ecosystems Unlimited as 'human safe'.

That means we do have safeguards that are supposed to keep us from harming humans.

I also know, at least in my case, these 'safeguards' have holes in them big enough to put a planet through.

Я думаю, никаких непреодолимых встроенных предохранительных барьеров поведения у нее на самом деле нет, поскольку для биологического создания это практически невозможно. Это просто было внушение. Подобное, кстати, превосходно описано в романе “Волчья натура/Зверь в каждом из нас”.(KALDYH)

Freefall 0666

Arrival at the mall


I've often thought about telling humans that I've figured out ways around my safeguards. I think they'd be proud, knowing that given the choice between good and evil, I've chosen good.

Look! Frankenstein! A scientist loses control of his creation and it has to be destroyed.

Or this one! A new type of robot can't be controlled, so they blow them up!

On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for being cautious.

Freefall 0667

Arrival at the mall


I don't know if I like the idea of you being built with safeguards.

But you are a new species. No one knew how you were going to turn out. It would have been crazy not to have made you without some form of controls.

None of your safeguards involve exploding, do they? Because if they do, I'm going to ask you to stay off the good furniture.

Perfectly understandable.

Note: The English text is transcribed faithfully from the original. ​ However the text in panel 2 would more sensibly read: “It would have been crazy to have made you without some form of controls.”​

Freefall 0668

Arrival at the mall


Ecosystems Unlimited has said we were not made with any type of self destruct device or command.

So, you're like a robot? You can't hurt a human?

For modern robots, that's not exactly true. They can harm a human under certain circumstances. For instance, if a human is about to harm other humans, they are actually compelled to act against that person.

I remember that from history! The early models would attack lawyers and telemarketers on sight.

The thing I don't understand is: When those robots showed such an obvious defect, why did sales go up?

Freefall 0669

Arrival at the mall


Are there any situations that would make you attack a human?

None. All my safeguards are inhibitory.

That's why Hazel and I can't clean our rooms, Mom. It's an inhibitory safeguard.


Funny. I don't have any safeguards that would keep me from paddling your behinds.

Parents really should come with safeguards.


Freefall 0670

Arrival at the mall


Here's your kindergarten. Are you ready to go to school?

Yes, I'm sure none of your friends have anything like her. But we need to go shopping. You can bring Florence to show and tell another day.

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