Freefall 0651 - 0660
Freefall 0651

Meet the kids


Do you get that 'doggy' thing from robots a lot?

So far, almost every one.

That's not right. You should tell them to stop.

I don't think it's a problem. They only do it when they first meet me, then they stop.

Unlike this little one who seems caught in an endless loop.


Freefall 0652

Meet the kids


The 'doggy' response should work its way through the robot community soon enough. Though it would be kind of freaky if a lot of them do it at once.


I know you meant it rhetorically, but you're right. That is freaky.


Freefall 0653

Meet the kids


You certainly attract a lot of attention.

I'm afraid so.

If it makes you nervous, I can move further away.

Nervous? Oh, no. I like this.

It's been years since every head's turned my way when I enter a room.

Freefall 0654

Meet the kids


Do crowds make you nervous?

Cautious would be a better word.

Caution is a good trait for an engineer. It keeps you out of trouble and from diving into things head first.

But you're not an engineer here. You're a commuter. Now is not the time for caution but for boldness and sharp elbows.

Freefall 0655

Meet the kids


Niomi, it's rude to push others out of our way.

If we don't push them, they'll push us. Did you think we'd be able to get to the train by asking nicely?

Excuse me! My friend Ms. Florence Ambrose would like to get to the train. Would everyone please make a path for her?

I do not believe this.

You were willing to believe the worst of people. Why not the best?

Freefall 0656

Meet the kids


Thank you for your kindness. We'll wait our turn like everyone else.

It was nice of them to offer, but it wouldn't be right to cut in front of people who were here before us.

I was about to say there are times when you should ignore rules and social niceties, but that may not be a message I want a large, non-human carnivore to pick up.

Freefall 0657

Meet the kids


You put a lot of effort into being polite.

Yes. It's how I was raised. And it's a nice social shortcut.

Being polite shows support for the social structure, and by extension, the vallues it was built on. People relax when they know we're both playing by the same set of rules.

Except that when it comes to tails, there are no rules.

Freefall 0658

Meet the kids


Not too bright, grabbing a wolf's tail like that.

Florence was talking about being polite. I don't think he expected an immediate physical attack.

He's lucky she was pulled away before he was really hurt.

Yes, but now the hard part.

Do I punish Hazel or praise her?


Freefall 0659

Meet the kids


I can't believe that guy reached out and grabbed you like that.

Humans like to touch things. You've had two children, you know what I mean.

Oh, definitely. When I was pregnant, complete strangers would come up and put their hand on my stomach.

Hazel tried to kick them, too.

Being able to reach their shins and wearing hard shoes makes all the difference, doesn't it, kid?


Лол, она имеет в виду, что Хейзиль пиналась в животе =) (мимопроходил)

Freefall 0660

Meet the kids


Mommy! Mommy! I found a head! Can I keep it?

No, you can't keep it. Now go and give it back to the gentlebot who lost it.

He didn't say “Thank You” Mommy.

Don't worry about it, Dear. Some people don't know how to be polite after they've been decapitated.

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