Freefall 0621 - 0630
Freefall 0621

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee



Have you noticed every time I throw something, Florence tries to catch it?

It's instinct, Helix. Though I'm not sure if what we're seeing are canine instincts or her instinct for self preservation.

Freefall 0622

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Sam, this stuff is too dangerous to have on board ship, especially with a robot who thinks it makes a nice fetch toy.

Will you please dispose of this where it won't cause any harm?

I know exactly where to put it.

In me.

Вспомнился сюжет из “Маски” (Robot Spike)
Freefall 0623

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I know it's late, but do you want to look at the contract I got?

It's late? What time is it?

Actually, what day is it?

Freefall 0624

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Today is Wednesday. Do you really lose track of what day it is?

At times. When there's work to be done and you're inside, there's not much to mark the passage of time.

Hey, it's not that uncommon. Why do you think they make watches that tell you the date?

Freefall 0625

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee филлер


After I went out last night, I visited a few companies and hit the streets with the knowledge I'd gained.

I ran into a bible salesman. We exchanged business cards in our wallets, and went to lunch. We had a problem with the waiter, though.

But I showed him which of us was smarter. I paid for both our lunches, and the salesman was glad to point me to the office where I got that contract. So, what did you do today?

Freefall 0626

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I did get a few things done today.



You got the water systems fixed! Cool!

Freefall 0627

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


This shall not stand! We must retaliate! Get your water balloons and help me hunt down Helix!

I don't have any water balloons.

No water balloons? I know you had to travel light, but not even one?

How can a species consider itself advanced if it's willing to travel between the stars and not bring any water balloons?

Freefall 0628

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Sam asked for my help in hunting Helix with water balloons.

I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm down to one set of wearable clothes, and my leg is hurting.

Ah, well. If I only wanted to work when it was convenient for me, I'd have become a bank teller.

Freefall 0629

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Florence! Wait! You can't go in there! You don't have a weapon!

I shudder to think of the damage she could have done had she gone in with a water balloon.

Включился режим Терминатора! (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0630

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Be right back. Need to eat! Now!

Alas, poor Helix. I am victorious! Can you give me one reason why I shouldn't pummel you with water balloons?

Next time, Florence gets to be on MY team!

In victory I am merciful. Remember that, Helix.

Пародия на “Принца Гамлета” Шекспира (Robot Spike)

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